From Grime to Shine: DIY Hacks for a Spotless Kitchen

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Today, we’re exploring the best (and easiest!) DIY kitchen cleaning hacks – and you’re invited! I’m spilling the beans (but hopefully not the bins and spices) on the best hacks to keep your kitchen sparkling clean without breaking a sweat. I’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re new to the world of grease-fighting glory or a seasoned scrubber. We’ll handle stubborn stains, smarten up our pantries, organize our kitchen drawers, and de-funkify our stinky refrigerators. We will also explore some food prep hacks that will keep the mess to a minimum. Our countertops will be spotless in no time!

A kitchen is sparkling clean after using DIY cleaning hacks.

Grab your cleaning supplies and join me – the kitchen cleanup journey starts now! 

Drain Cleaning Hack

Is your sink or shower drain feeling a bit sluggish? No worries, I’ve got just the trick to freshen them up and keep them flowing freely! Grab some baking soda and salt from your pantry. Mix half a cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of salt in a bowl. Once you’ve got your mixture ready, pour it down the drain. Next up, add at least half a cup of warm vinegar. Get ready for the bubbling magic! Let it sit for about 10 minutes to work its wonders. Finally, flush it all away with hot water. Ta-da! Your drain is now fresh and clean.

Vinegar is poured into a drain to clean it.

Fridge Deodorizing Hack

So, you’ve got a fridge (or freezer) that’s seen some wear and tear. Maybe it’s even picked up a few funky odors along the way. No problem! Here’s a trick to freshen it up and have it smell as fresh as a daisy.

First things first, give that fridge a good deep clean. Bust out the bleach, roll up your sleeves, and get to work scrubbing every last inch. Once it’s spotless, it’s time to take care of those pesky odors.

My friend (who is a cleaning guru) shared this tip with me: grab some old newspapers and crumple them up into balls. Pop them in the fridge and close the door tight. Leave them in there for a couple of weeks to let them work their magic, absorbing all those lingering smells.

Newspapers are lining the shelves to deodorize a fridge in this DIY kitchen hack.

After the newspaper trick has had its time to work, give your fridge a sniff test. The fresh scent of victory! Take the newspapers out and keep the freshness going by popping a little box of baking soda in there.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can even toss in some coffee beans for an extra punch of neutralizing power!

Pasta Draining Hack

Cooking up some pasta for dinner? Here’s a secret for draining without the mess.

Usually, we’d grab the colander, plop it in the sink, and hope for the best as we pour in the pasta, right? Let me tell you: there’s a better way.

I stumbled upon this trick on TikTok: instead of using the strainer, place the lid on top of the pot after boiling your pasta. Now, when it’s time to drain, tilt the pot slightly over the sink, and let the water escape through the small gap between the pot and the lid.

No more pasta water splash zone! Just easy, mess-free draining. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way!

A strainer is held over a pot to drain the water from the pasta.

Cutting Board Hack

Let’s give our cutting boards a little TLC, shall we? Bid farewell to stubborn food stains and lingering odors with a simple, effective hack.

Grab yourself a lemon, slice it in half and prepare for some zesty magic. Take one of those lemon halves and rub the cut side all over your cutting board. The acidity of the lemon works to break down stains and eliminate any funky smells that might’ve taken up residence.

Feeling extra determined? Before busting out the lemon, sprinkle some baking soda all over the cutting board for an added boost of cleaning power. Then, get to scrubbing with that lemon half.

After a quick scrub-a-dub, rinse off the board with some water and you’re done! You’ve got yourself a cutting board that’s as fresh as a summer breeze. 

Cleaning a cutting board with a lemon and baking soda DIY kitchen hack.

Pantry Lighting Hack

Let’s shed some light on a pantry predicament many of us face: fumbling around in the dark searching for snacks! Don’t worry, though, because I’ve got a solution to brighten up your midnight pantry adventures.

Let me introduce you to motion-sensitive LED light strips! I found mine on Amazon, and they’re amazing! Just peel off the backing and stick the LED light strip along the side of your pantry. They come in different lengths, so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

But there’s more! Attach a small magnet to the inside of your pantry door frame, plug in the sensor to the LED strip and then stick the sensor onto the magnet. Now, every time you open the pantry door, the light comes on, illuminating your secret snack baskets and spice rack like magic!

It’s a super simple, super cool DIY kitchen hack. No more squinting in the dark or accidentally knocking over that tower of canned goods. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of motion-sensitive pantry lighting, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

A pantry is lit up with a motion sensor light.

Room Deodorizing Hack

Got a lingering smell in your kitchen that just won’t quit? I’ve got a super easy fix that’ll have your space smelling fresh and clean in no time.

Grab a pot, fill it up with equal parts water and vinegar, and set it on your stove to boil away. Let it simmer for a good 20 to 30 minutes and watch as it works its magic, neutralizing stubborn cooking odors.

Pro tip: don’t forget to turn on your kitchen fan to whisk any excess moisture away from the ceiling and from under the cabinets to keep things airy and fresh.

This quick trick is a lifesaver whether you’re prepping your place for guests, showing off your home or just trying to drive out the lingering aroma of last night’s supper. Go ahead! Get boiling and oust those odors!

A DIY hack to creating an odorless kitchen, simmer vinegar in a pot.

Appliance Cleaning Hack

Ready to make those stainless steel appliances (or pots and pans) shine like new? This is a tried-and-true DIY kitchen hack straight from the Queen of Clean, Martha Stewart herself.

Grab yourself a spray bottle, some distilled white vinegar, and a couple of microfiber cloths. Spray the vinegar directly onto your stainless steel appliances, using full strength for maximum cleaning power. Take one of those microfiber cloths and give your appliances a good wipe-down with the vinegar. Watch as it instantly erases smudges and fingerprints, leaving behind a sparkling surface! Feel free to give this hack a whirl on your cutlery, silverware, or other kitchen utensils.

Bonus points: use a dry microfiber cloth and give your appliances a final polish. You’re going to be amazed at the difference. Sure, your appliances might have a few battle scars from years of use, but with this vinegar trick, they’ll be shining brighter than ever! 

A microfiber cloth is used to polish a stainless steel fridge.

Egg Separating Hack

How do the pros always make this one look so easy?! Let me help with this trick I picked up from the wonderful world of TikTok (Instagram is also a great source for hacks!).

Find a slotted spoon and a bowl. Not just ANY spoon, though! You need one that can balance perfectly on top of the bowl. (Balance is the key to everything in life, isn’t it?)

Now, crack your egg on the side of the bowl and carefully pour it into the slotted spoon. Watch as the whites effortlessly slip through the slots, leaving you with perfectly separated yolks. Smooth and stress-free egg prep, just like the pros!

Using a slotted spoon to separate egg whites from the yolks.

Sticker Removal Hack

Ever struggled to peel off those stubborn stickers, leaving behind a sticky residue that just won’t budge from your food storage containers or new coffee mugs? Or maybe your toddler has spiced up your kitchen decor with her favorite Frozen stickers on your kitchen cabinets or cupboard? I’m here to save the day with a natural solution that’ll quickly have your cabinet door and mason jars looking brand spanking new!

All you need is some eucalyptus essential oil and a cotton swab. Dab a bit of the oil onto the cotton swab and start rubbing away at that sticky residue. It’s like magic! 

I was blown away the first time I tried this trick. It’s like the sticky residue just vanished into thin air! Once you’ve removed all the gunk with the eucalyptus oil, give your surface a good wash with some dish soap and warm water.

A DIY kitchen hack to remove a sticker from a bottle.

Grout Cleaning Hack

Tired of staring at grubby grout lines in your bathroom or kitchen? Not for long! All you need is a spray bottle and a simple solution of two parts warm water, one part vinegar, and a dash of dish soap. Give it a good shake to blend everything together.

Spray your potion generously onto your grout lines and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. This gives the mixture time to work its charm, loosening up stubborn stains and grime.

Once the waiting is over, grab a textured cloth or a brush and get scrubbing. The stains just disappear! Rinse the area thoroughly with water and just like that, your grout will be looking brighter and cleaner than ever.

It’s a really simple, very effective DIY hack that’ll save you time and effort, leaving your kitchen grout lines looking brand new without harsh chemicals. 

The grout on the kitchen floor is being scrubbed.

Dining Bench Hack

Looking to maximize space in your small kitchen nook? Here’s the ultimate space-saving kitchen storage idea: the DIY dining bench hack! When you’re tight on space, dual-purpose furniture is your best friend.

I did a fun DIY project using some trusty IKEA kitchen cabinets and turned them into a dining bench for our breakfast nook. Not only was it easy to put together, but it’s also become a staple in our daily routine. Picture this: a comfy spot to sit and enjoy your morning coffee, with hidden storage below for all those odds and ends that so easily turn into clutter โ€“ serving trays, tea party essentials, extra water bottles, you name it!

Are you wondering what a kitchen organization idea has to do with cleaning hacks? Well, the truth is that when our spaces are tidy, they are much easier to clean. The more storage you have the less crowded your cupboards are and the less cluttered your counter space is, which leads to a cleaner kitchen overall.

This is one of my all-time favorite kitchen organization hacks. If you’re itching to give it a try, I’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide. Reclaim your space!

How to build a dining bench from Ikea kitchen cabinets.

Linen Whitening Laundry Hack

Ready to bring back that bright white sparkle to your linens, towels, and those dingy dishcloths? Meet your new laundry BFF: oxygen bleach!

Instead of reaching for the regular bleach on the shelf, give oxygen bleach a try. Just follow the directions on the label and add the desired amount of OxiClean right into your wash along with your white linens and towels.

Here’s the part that takes this hack to the next level: halfway through the wash cycle, pause your washing machine and give your white towels a chance to soak in the OxiClean mixture for at least an hour. This extra soaking time works wonders, helping to lift out tough stains and really, REALLY brighten up your whites.

Trust me, you’ll never look back. Give your whites the VIP treatment they deserve!

How to keep towels white and fluffy.

Microwave Cleaning Hack

It’s time to tackle that grimy microwave with our next DIY kitchen hack! This appliance turns into a horror show so, so quickly, don’t you think?

This idea is super duper simple: grab a measuring cup and fill it up with water. Add a squirt of dish soap to the mix and pop it into your microwave. Set it to heat up for about two minutes. You want the water to get nice and steamy, working to loosen up all the grease and grime.

Once the microwave cycle is done, don’t open it up right away. Let it mellow in there for another minute, allowing the steam to continue working its wonders, softening up all that gross gunk.

Now comes the satisfying part. Grab a paper towel or cloth and wipe away all that grease and grime. It just melts away!

I tried this trick myself and was able to easily tackle most of the grease, making cleaning the microwave a breeze compared to the usual scrub-a-thon.

Cleaning the inside of the microwave.

Toaster Cleaning Hack

Let’s talk toaster hygiene! Those little trays hiding at the bottom of your toaster are about to become your new best friend.

First things first, unplug your toaster for safety. Now, slide out those trays and prepare to be amazed (and maybe a little grossed out) by the mountain of crumbs lurking within. Dump ’em out into the food scrap bin or garbage (not the kitchen sink!), give those trays a good wash with some dish soap and water, and watch as they transform into nearly new trays again.

We’re not done yet! Grab yourself a toothbrush (avoid using your butter knives for this task, although I know it’s tempting) and get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that small appliances always seem to harbor (there never seems to be easy access!). Give your toaster a thorough scrubbing. Put the trays back in when you’re done. Your toaster will thank you for the spa treatment!

Cleaning the toast crumbs on the toaster tray.

A little creativity and know-how can go a long way in keeping your kitchen spick and span. From tackling tough stains to handling everyday messes to using your storage space effectively, these clever tips and tricks have the power to transform your cleaning routine. The next time you’re faced with a messy kitchen situation, remember these handy DIY hacks and approach it with confidence. 

Here’s to a kitchen that’s always fresh, clean and ready for whatever comes its way! Happy cleaning!

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