Get Your RV Ready for Summer – Our DIY Camper

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After a long, cold winter we’re raring to go camping again in our newly renovated DIY camper! Use these tips to help get your own RV ready for Spring & Summer camping.

How to get an RV ready for summer - great tips!

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Last year, we renovated an old 1992 Vanguard 5th Wheel. You can read all about that right here. We were able to take it out a few times last summer, and we simply can’t wait to take it out this year! Our kids are so excited to go camping, and we have a newfound passion for it since we renovated our little camper. It makes camping comfy, and our summertime adventures not only memorable but affordable.

Since our camper has been sitting for months (except for the time we took it to the Edmonton Renovation Show in January!), there are a few things that we need to do to get it ready for the camping season. If you’re in the same boat and need to clean, organize and prepare your RV for Spring & Summer camping adventures, this list might just help you get ready too!

How to get an RV ready for summer - great tips!

Inspect the Tires & Exterior

Before moving on to the inside of your RV, make sure to inspect its exterior and tires for damage. Look for leaks and damaged caulking around doors and windows. Check the air pressure in your tires, and look for damage and wear. Our camper is very old and we didn’t update the exterior at all, but the tires are still in great condition and we just had our windows replaced in January so there are no cracks or leaks – bonus!

How to get an RV ready for summer - great tips!

Test Appliances, Furnace, Electronics, Outlets & Smoke Detectors

Inside your RV, check to see that all of your appliances are still in working order – your fridge, microwave, stove & water heater. Check your furnace and propane (if using). You can also test your electrical outlets and electronics (like TVs and stereo systems), and make sure that your smoke detector’s batteries are working. We have a couple of 32″ Samsung Smart TVs that we found at The Brick in Our DIY Camper that we LOVED using last season. Over the winter, we stored them inside and then I’ve just re-hung them in the camper. Now we’re ready to download our favourite movies & Netflix shows for rainy days and we can easily mirror them onto our camper TVs!

How to get an RV ready for summer - great tips!

Clean & Organize the Interior

RVs can get pretty icky over the winter (especially if you park it in a rural location like we do), so a really thorough cleaning is in order before the camping season. Vacuum all all of your surfaces inside and out, and then use an antibacterial cleaner to wipe everything down. Now’s also a great time to implement any organizational systems that you realized you needed last season! I was happy with all of the storage we had via cupboards and hooks in our camper, but I do still want to update and organize our tiny little RV bathroom. That’s next on my list this Spring!

How to get an RV ready for summer - great tips!

Freshen It Up

Finally, take your RV to the next level by changing out any of the soft furnishings that need a refresh like pillows, curtains and bedding. I decided to swap out our “master bedroom” curtain for a filmy scarf this year, and I found some new bedding that I thought looked cute and durable for the camper. Over the winter, I left a sheet over our Springwall Endeavor Mattress from The Brick to help keep it clean. Then, right before we head out camping each time, I wash the sheet and comforter so they’re fresh. We love this mattress because it’s SO comfy and helps us sleep when we’re away from our own bed. It’s also low-profile so it’s perfect for a tight space like our RV.

How to get an RV ready for summer - great tips!

Now, we’re ready to head out on our first trip soon! I’m quite happy with how our camper has help up over winter, and even happier now that it’s cleaned and refreshed for the season.

I hope you found this tips useful as you prepare your RV for camping this Spring & Summer. Happy trails!


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    Thanks to the post author share an important post with us.

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