Glamping Hacks on a Budget

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If you’re more of a “glamper” than a camper like I am, you might find these glamping hacks useful. The best part about these? You don’t have to have a huge budget to try these tips!

Budget Glamping Hacks

When I was younger, I did NOT like going tenting. I mean, I’ve always loved nature and the outdoors, but sleeping in a wet, cold tent? No thank you!

That’s why I’ve been so excited to renovate Our DIY Camper. I get to enjoy nature and getting away from it all with my little family, but we still have somewhere cozy and dry to sleep at night. I’m more of a glamper than a camper – I like to have a bit of comfort and beauty in my lodgings when I’m out in the woods. How about you?

Budget Glamping Hacks

With the help of The Brick, let me share with you a few interesting & budget-friendly glamping hacks that will make your next camping trip a little easier and more luxurious.

Budget Glamping Hacks


And by BYOB, I mean “bring your own bedding”. It makes no sense to me to buy different, extra bedding for your travel trailer when you can simply bring what you have from home. After you’ve camped with it, give it a good wash before you put it back in your home. We bring our big fluffy King sized comforter and pillows camping with us, and the kids each bring a blanket, a stuffed animal and their favourite pillow to help them feel more at home.

Budget Glamping Hacks

2: Flix Without the $$

There’s no need to pay for satellite, wi-fi, DVD players or extra gadgets to enjoy movies and TV shows in your camper. My hubby mounted a couple of 32″ Samsung Smart TVs from The Brick in our camper, and we love having them as an entertainment option for rainy days. I can download episodes of our favourite Netflix shows on my phone before we leave, and then use the screen sharing feature to cast them onto our camper TVs with no wi-fi required. We can also save digital copies of movies onto a USB drive and pop that directly into these TVs to watch movies.

Budget Glamping Hacks

3: All Hail Food Prep

For fancy feeling meals on the campsite, I try to prepare things in advance so they’re easier to cook. Consider prepping foil packet meals like this one, or I’ve also prepped potato chunks in foil as a side dish (I bake these in advance and then warm them on the fire or camp stove). For grilling things like chicken and steak, I bought one of these camp stoves with a grill on one side and it’s fantastic!

Budget Glamping Hacks

4: Cleaning Made Easy

Camping can get really messy, so a few things I’ve found helpful to bring along in a travel trailer are an RV mat for the ground by your door, an inexpensive mat for just inside your door, and a small portable vacuum. We bring along our Dyson Stick Vacuum with one of the smaller cleaning heads and it works like a charm! These things really cut down on the amount of dirt that gets into your RV and they make your camping experience a lot more comfortable.

Budget Glamping Hacks

5:ย Simple Little Appliances

I tried camping a couple of times with instant coffee, and it was a NO GO. I know it’s sad, but I need me some good coffee in the morning to function! I finally upcycled one of my old Keurig coffee makers with some spray paint (see the video tutorial below), and it’s going to make our next trip feel much more glamorous.

Other small appliances like a toaster, a compact microwave (we were lucky enough to find that our 1992 built-in microwave still works!) and a kettle will be very convenient in your RV. No need to buy new ones – simply use the ones you have from home if you want to!

With these easy glamping hacks, you’ll be camping in style and comfort!

Tell me: What are your little tricks to enjoying camping in an RV?

Watch this video to learn more about these inexpensive glamping hacks:

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored byย The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own.


  1. Wow; you really are a glamper! We only use our trailer for sleeping and storing our camping items. We don’t cook or eat in it and we don’t have a tv. I love your camper makeover and would love to update ours but since we spend so little time in it, it’s probably not worth it.

  2. I love the tip about downloading movies on the Netflix app. Many of the campgrounds I visit don’t have WiFi and some don’t even have cell phone reception. I don’t have a smart TV so I tried this with my chromecast and it won’t work if your cell phone can’t connect to the internet. Lesson learned, next time I am going to try a Roku stick. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. I haven’t really tried glamping before because I thought it’s too expensive for me, but seeing this post makes me want to try it soon! Thank you for sharing these hacks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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