Sometimes I feel like there’s a bit of pressure to embrace the changing of seasons in such a “picture perfect” manner – especially in the blogging world. Now that it’s Fall, we’re to have perfectly decorated houses (that’s NEW decorations, folks – no reusing last year’s!), all new outfits to show off, and a pricey spiced latte in our hands as we pose for our Instagram pics. You might remember that I began the Interac® 21 Day Credit-Free Challenge a little while ago, and I’m on a budget. Heck, we’ve always been on a budget since building our home and juggling being parents and business owners. It’s certainly a challenge to work with the money you have in the bank rather than relying on credit, and I’ve learned to embrace the changing of seasons in a more creative, budget-friendly way. Here are some ideas on how you too can enjoy Fall in a “picture perfect” way without spending the money you don’t have.

Make Your Own Special Coffee

DIY Vanilla Maple Latte with all natural ingredients!

Potential Savings: $4+ per day

Taking a few extra minutes in the morning to steam and sweeten your own milk to add to your coffee is so much cheaper than buying a latte at a coffee shop. If you make your own coffee every day instead of purchasing it, think of how much money you could save in a month! This is my favourite DIY latte recipe. I make it every day, and it’s especially tasty when the weather gets colder.

Shop for Your Fall Wardrobe in Unexpected Places

Army Green Parka, DIY Blanket Scarf & Skinny Jeans

Potential Cost Savings: $300+

This adorable Fall parka was found at a thrift shop last year, and it was new with the tags still on! I paid $25 for it, and I would have paid over $80 elsewhere. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe for the new season, try “shopping” elsewhere for it. Check out thrift stores, discount department stores or even your own closet for clothes you may have forgotten from last year. I like to browse Pinterest for fashion inspiration. I often get ideas there on how I can combine the clothes I al