Holiday Decorating with Greenery | Tips & DIYs from Cory Christopher

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Get some ideas on how to decorate for the holidays with fresh greenery, plus some tips on how to choose and style greenery with Edmonton florist, Cory Christopher.

Cory Christopher Edmonton Florist

Last week, I had the privilege of visiting Birchwood Meadows just North of Edmonton. It’s the family flower farm of one of my favourite Edmonton florists: Cory Christopher.

Birchwood Meadows in Edmonton

During the Christmas season, Birchwood Meadows is transformed into a must-stop shop for all of your Holiday greenery and arrangements, plus they feature fun DIY workshops and have an adorable shop to find all of your Christmas gifts. If you live in the area, make sure to check out their website and take advantage of all they have to offer this month!

Birchwood Meadows in Edmonton

Because Cory is an expert on all things flowers and greenery, I asked him if he would share some of his professional tips on how to buy, care for and style fresh greenery this Christmas season.

DIY Greenery Snow Globe Ornaments

He was kind enough to let me film some of his helpful tips at Birchwood Meadows, along with a couple of Holiday DIYs: how to plant Paperwhites, and how to create an adorable winter globe ornament – a perfect craft for kids!

DIY Greenery Snow Globe Ornaments

DIY Greenery Snow Globe Ornaments

Watch the video below to get all of Cory’s advice and DIYs, and then you can read a summary of his fresh greenery tips below:

Holiday Greenery Favourites & Tips

Birchwood Meadows in Edmonton


  • look for bundles that are healthy and fresh
  • avoid ones that look dry at the tips or have been left outside in the wind – they’re not going to last as long
  • vary the angles and sides of cedar showing in your Christmas arrangements to showcase cedar’s colour variations

White Pine

  • a little goes a long way
  • look for bundles with lots of branches
  • looks amazing on a mantel, but only a few days before Christmas so it doesn’t dry out

Cory Christopher Edmonton Florist

Silver Fir

  • two tones for a gorgeous look
  • sturdy for outdoor planters
  • contrasts nicely with cedar and white pine


  • a smaller needle; easier to handle
  • great for laying on a table and nestling ornaments and candles inside


  • has a boxwood-like look with a beautiful, varigated leaf
  • works well outdoor and also dries nicely

Birchwood Meadows in Edmonton


  • beautiful copper backside to the leaves
  • works well as a fresh floral base

Caroline Sapphire

  • unique shape and smell
  • keep indoors

General greenery tips:

  • keep them moist and spritz them with water occasionally
  • keep them out of full sun & wind so that they don’t dry out quickly

Thanks so much for hosting us at Birchwood Meadows, Cory Christopher!

Now tell me: What’s your favourite Christmas greenery to display?

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