Holiday Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

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We’re preparing to host both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in our home this year. My parents are embarking on a new house building adventure (which I can’t wait to share with you soon), so they’re out of the running for hosting until next year. I do love hosting meals in our home, so I’m really looking forward to making our place festive and clean for our guests this fall and winter. Our family’s a big one, so I’m bracing myself for a house jam-packed with people! If you’re like me – A.K.A. not the best housekeeper in the world – you might like these kitchen cleaning hacks that I’ve discovered. They make giving my kitchen the deep clean it needs before the holiday season so super-duper easy! These simple tricks will help your kitchen shine in no time.

Black and white vintage industrial style kitchen

The Fan Blade Cleaning Hack

Fan blade cleaning hack

If you have a fan in your kitchen like we do, this trick works like a charm to clean the blades. Simply pull an old pillow case over each blade, and dust the top and sides of the blade with the top of the pillow case. The dust will fall inside the pillowcase, keeping whatever’s below nice and tidy.

The Glass Stove Top Cleaning Hack

Glass stove top cleaning hack

To easily clean a glass stove top, place a warm, wet rag over the surface of the stove and let it sit for several minutes to loosen up grime and grease. Then give the top a nice scrub with the rag to remove the rest.

The Cupboard Cleaning Hack

Cupboard cleaning hack

My cupboards are always covered in baking ingredients and kid fingerprints, so they’re a must-clean before we have guests. The easiest way I’ve found so far to clean them? Wipe them down with a wet rag, and then polish them shortly afterwards with a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth works great to polish knobs and glass too!

The Microwave Cleaning Hack

Microwave cleaning hack

I often forget to clean the inside of my microwave before guests come, and more than once I’ve had guests use it – how embarrassing! To easily clean a microwave, set a mug full of water inside it and microwave it for a couple of minutes. The steam from the water will loosen up any grease and grime inside so that you can easily wipe it clean.

The Dishwasher Cleaning Hack

Finish dishwasher cleaner review

It’s important to give your dishwasher a monthly clean so that it does the job it’s supposed to do – clean your dishes! I think this is especially important before entertaining so that you can give your guests a shiny clean dining experience.

Finish dishwasher cleaner review

The best way to clean a dishwasher? Grab a bottle of Finish® Dual Action™ Dishwasher Cleaner, remove the sticker, place it upside down on your bottom dishwasher rack, and run your dishwasher at its hottest cycle. Limescale and grease continually build up in a dishwasher’s hidden parts, so a deep clean with Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner will remove this build up and freshen your machine. When I use it, I notice that my dishwasher looks shinier inside and smells great, but the best part for me is how well the dishes clean afterwards. They’re super-sparkly and ready to set on a festive table!
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Black and white vintage industrial style kitchen

These simple kitchen deep cleaning hacks help me clean my kitchen quickly and easily before company comes. Then, I get to enjoy more time with my guests (and the food)!

Tell me: Do you have any cleaning rituals or hacks that you do before the holiday hosting season?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Finish® Dual Action™ Dishwasher Cleaner. As always, all of the ideas and opinions here are my own. I only recommend companies that I use and love myself.


  1. For the microwave, I nuke half a lemon in some vinegar and water, then use the lemon to scrub the inside and wipe it all out with a towel.

  2. I love the Norwex cloths, I do not sell them but they are awesome. I have had mine for over 5 years now. They Polish everything.

  3. Oh my gosh, I thought the only way to get rid of the grime in the dishwasher in the house we just bought was to buy a new one. Seriously… I need to try the Finish Dishwasher Cleaner. Definitely a more cost effective than buying a new dishwasher 😛

  4. For my glass top range I put a few Lysol wipes in microwave for a few seconds then use them warm to wipe down glass top. The. Use a microfiber towel to make it shine with no streaks on glass top burners.

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