Home Decor Trends 2024: Get Them on a Budget

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2024 is here and with that comes new home decor trends. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer to shop for your home decor items, it looks to be an exciting year for creative ideas and stylish finds! Eclectic, personal style will be taking center stage and I’m so excited about that. Let’s talk about the best home decor trends 2024 and how to get them on a budget!

As someone who loves art and decorating, I always find researching the latest trends in home decor fascinating. It’s interesting to see what’s gaining popularity and why, and to experience the shifts in the industry. Personally, I enjoy switching up my decor now and then, so I often incorporate trends in our home IF I love them, if we can afford them, and if they work for our family. As a general rule, though: you should decorate your home for YOU and YOUR FAMILY regardless of what’s trending. If you love a trend, have fun with it and give it a try! If not, decorate your home in a way that makes YOU happy and comfortable.

Example of a Trend I’m Not Trying

Natural wood kitchens are trending this year. However, I always have and always will be a huge fan of white kitchens. I love how clean they look, and how shades of white instantly make a small space feel larger. Natural wood cabinets in kitchens are lovely, but it’s white kitchens forever in my world!

My own living room is an eclectic mix of styles and items I love

As someone whose job is to scout out what people are loving in home decor and DIY, I’m always on the lookout for what’s new. I find decor trends online and in stores, and here’s where I usually look:

  • social media (what are people sharing and loving on TikTok, Instagram & Pinterest?)
  • Google Trends (what are people searching for?)
  • my favourite home decor stores (what’s new at Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, McGee & Co, Target, Crate & Barrel and could I make it for less?)
  • interior designers (what do some of my favourite interior designers have to say about this season’s trends?)
Grandpa Chic Home Decor Trend

Grandpa Chic Decor

One of the biggest 2024 home decor trends is the “Grandpa Chic” decor style. Think country club meets Grandpa’s plaid shirts meets masculine traditional. This style isn’t fussy at all – it’s practical and warm. A room decorated this way should look like it’s been designed over time with collected pieces.

How to get this look on a budget?

Warm Red Colours

Like last year, bold & rich colors in home decor will continue to be popular. The reccuring colour that I’m seeing being used in interiors this year? Any and all warm red tones! The trending red colours of this year are mostly dark and usually complex. We’re seeing lots of deep burgundy being used on walls, as well as oxblood, deep terracotta and dark crimson tones.

How to get this look on a budget?

Cottage Style Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been back on trend for a few years now, but we’re seeing it even more this year. The wallpaper style that’s trending? Smaller scale florals and botanicals! I ADORE this trend because I’ve always loved floral patterns. Not only are we seeing wallpaper in bedrooms and living rooms, but we’re also seeing it in more unexpected places like kitchens and bathrooms.

How to get this look on a budget?

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Bold Marble

Gone are the more subtle marbles of years past. This year we’re seeing large-scale, bold marble being used in the home. We’ll see it used in tile floors, kitchen counters, and even as statement pieces like marble tables or mantels. New for 2024, seamless marble backsplashes to kitchen countertops are trending, so expect to see a lot more of that.

How to get this look on a budget?

Natural Materials

Along with the move to use more eco-friendly materials over the past few years, more natural materials are being used. Instead of plastics, designers are leaning towards woods, stones, cottons and other nature-inspired materials. Naturally (pun intended!), interiors are also featuring more colours that can occur in nature like warm wood tones, greens and browns. Rather than white kitchen cabinets, natural wood-toned cabinets are reigning supreme.

How to get this look on a budget?

  • This will be my advice on repeat for this year: hit up your local thrift store or garage sales for real wood furniture!
  • Check places like your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore center for building materials that people have donated like hardwood flooring, marble tiles, and wooden furniture and cabinets.
  • Choose natural fibers when you’re making DIY throw pillow covers, or make a duvet cover out of cotton-linen blend flat sheets!

Elevated Coffee Bar

Creating luxurious experiences at home has been popular for the past few years. With that comes more focus on designing hotel-like corners in our homes like an elevated coffee bar area. Gone are the days when a coffee machine is simply plopped on the kitchen counter. In 2024, we’re seeing built-in coffee bar and drink bar areas with style. I’m hoping to DIY a built-in look coffee station in our dining room this year!

How to get this look on a budget?

  • Hack some IKEA kitchen cabinets or storage cabinets into a built-in look wall for your coffee and drink station. I think I’m going to use HAVSTA cabinets for mine!
  • Use a side board as a coffee bar, and install some simple floating shelves above it.
  • Rather than re-wiring your room for stylish wall sconces above your bar, use battery-operated rechargable light bulbs inside the sconces.


In contrast to the Grandpa Chic decor trend, decor with lots of feminine details like velvet, bows and pink is trending this year. We started to see it over the Holiday season when the “Little Women” aesthetic took over Christmas decor trends, and everyone was decorating with bows. This look is romantic and vintage-inspired. If you love watching period dramas like I do, you’ll love this trend!

How to get this look on a budget?

  • Create floral arrangements to use as romantic decor accents with faux flowers or real flowers from your garden. Use roses, peonies, and pink colours for that soft touch.
  • Find brass accents at your local thrift store or antique store like candlesticks, bowls, and mirrors.
  • Sew pink or cream coloured DIY velvet throw pillows to add that pop of romance into your space.

Paint Colours of the Year for 2024

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is Blue Nova: a mid-tone blue with violet undertones.

Behr’s color of the year is Cracked Pepper: a versatile soft black.

Sherwin William’s color of the year is Upward: a denim blue with warm grey undertones.

Glidden’s color of the year is Limitless: a soft, sandy yellow.

Blues dominate this year’s paint colour trends, but we’re also seeing some soft neutrals like the soft black and soft yellow. I find all of these color trends of the year to be rather traditional, like I’d see them in a French Country kitchen design.

Are you excited to try out 2024 home decor trends? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your ideas and tips for creating a beautiful home on a budget. Happy styling!

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