Do you have a hard time picking out paint colours?  I’m often asked how I chose the paint colours in my home. Picking a paint colour can be tricky, but here’s my favourite step-by-step method that ensures your paint colour works well in your own space.

How to choose a paint colour for your room

Step 1: Pin or save images of rooms you love on Pinterest or Houzz

Start saving your favourite rooms as inspiration on either Pinterest or Houzz. Once you’ve saved at least 10, have a look at all of the rooms and see if there’s a common wall colour. I bet you there will be! You’ll probably subconsciously love a certain colour of wall whether it be a white, another neutral, or something colourful and bold.

How to choose a paint colour for your room

Step 2: Take home 3 to 5 paint chips that you think match the wall colour you like

Head to the paint store and grab some paint chips that you think look like the wall colours you’ve Pinned. Take them home and see how they look in the day and night in your space. Paint chips will look different at your home than the store.

Step 3: Narrow down your choices, and paint large swatches on your wall

Narrow down your potential paint colours to 2 or 3. I think it’s really important to paint a few large swatches of paint on your wall before choosing your final paint colour. It’s hard to tell how the colour will look on your wall from a tiny paint chip, and the colour might look completely different depending on your lighting situation and the time of day. Painting a large swatch on your wall and watching it for a few days will help you choose a colour that’s right for your space.

Step 4: Paint!

Now it’s time to choose your favourite colour and get to work! You can find some of my favourite painting tips right here.

Watch my video below to see my step by step process to choose a paint colour PLUS I’m sharing some extra paint choosing tips at the end of the video:

Now tell me: how do YOU choose paint colours?