We’ve been chipping away at my 7 year old daughter’s pink + shabby chic bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge. This week is week 4 of 6 of the challenge already (yikes!), and we’ve been focusing on her bedroom furniture. Choosing furniture for kids’ rooms can sometimes be a tricky task. We as parents want the furniture to be functional and high quality, but we also want to make sure our kids love it and will use it! Here are some tips that I’ve found helpful to consider when choosing furniture for childrens’ rooms, and I’m also sharing a few peeks at Little C’s gorgeous new dresser and nightstand.

When you’re shopping for a bed, nightstand dresser, desk, and other furniture for your child’s room, it’s important to find pieces that they love, but it’s also important to buy pieces that are well-made, practical, and match the theme of the room. Here are some things to think about before and while you’re shopping for kids’ bedroom furniture:

Set Your Budget

Determine how much you’re willing to spend on the furniture, and shop for pieces within that budget. This will help you stay on track financially as you decorate your child’s room, and it will also help narrow down your choices to make them more manageable. We’ve never purchased good quality furniture for our Little C’s room, so we wanted to get new pieces that would last her for her whole childhood.

Choose a Theme or Style

You can involve your child and ask them what kind of theme or feeling they want in their room, and base your furniture choices off of that theme. When I initially asked my 7 year old how she wanted her bedroom to look, she said that she wanted it to be “pink, white and gold with NO dark colours”. I also asked her what sorts of shapes and textures she like, and she pointed out all of the lacey, ruffly and floral things on Pinterest. From this, I determined she wanted a sort of shabby chic look to her room, so I began the search for vintage and shabby chic looking furniture.

Look for Double Duty Pieces full of Storage Options

Kids often have a lot of toys and treasures they want to store in their room. My Little C not only has a rock collection, a “diamond” collection, and a whole bunch of tiny collectibles but she also has a lot of clothes that need a place to go. I think it’s important to look for pieces with lots of shelves, drawers, storage cubbies, and other storage potential when you’re shopping for kids’ furniture. We loved the Jessica nighstand and chest from The Brick because they both had a ton of drawers to store all of my daughter’s things.

How to choose furniture for a kids' bedroom that you'll both love!

A Vintage Vanity and DIY Vanity Stool

Mix Old With New

You might know that I love antiques and thrifted pieces just as much as I like beautiful new ones. I think it’s both practical and interesting to mix new furniture with old furniture to make a room have a little more of a personality. My mom restored and painted the vintage vanity above a few years ago, and I love how it matches the feel of Little C’s new furniture.

Always Keep Comfort & Quality Top Priority

Because I love design and visuals so much, I sometimes forget that the most important part of furniture in a room is to provide comfort for the people living there. Yes, colour and style are fun to think about, but make sure that the pieces you buy for your child’s room are cozy to sleep on, easy to use, safe, and will last them a long time. The solid wood of this Jessica nightstand and chest we got for Little C’s room make these pieces heirloom quality, and she can easily open and close their drawers so that she’s independent and safe. We both love these pieces, and I know that they’ll be in our family for a long time to come. Maybe one day my grandchildren will have them in their rooms – wouldn’t that be amazing?!

This post is part of our 6 week long makeover of Little C’s bedroom as part of the One Room Makeover Challenge hosted by Calling it Home. Make sure to click here to visit all of the other room makeovers happening right now to get more inspiration for your own home!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. I only recommend companies that I use and love myself.