How to Put a Comforter in a Duvet Cover

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Have you ever seen the rolling duvet cover trick? If you’ve ever wondered how to put a comforter in a duvet cover, this is a quick way to do it. It’s extra handy if you have a massive, awkward king-sized bed like we do. Let me show you how it’s done!

How to make your bed cozy

Why a duvet?

First of all, let’s talk about why you’d want to use a comforter and a duvet cover in the first place. For me, it’s all about comfort and washability. I love that I can remove the duvet cover and wash that only rather than having to squish an entire comforter in the washing machine each time. Secondly, you can find lots of extra-soft duvet covers made of supple linens and cottons that feel amazing against your skin. You can also DIY one out of top sheets, like I did in this tutorial!

How to make your bed comfortable

The Standard Method Instructions

Let’s talk about the “regular” method of putting a comforter in a duvet cover. Traditionally, you lay the duvet cover right side out on the bed. Then, you would pull the comforter or duvet insert inside the cover, using your hands at the corners to match them up. Finally, you’d align the bottom corners as best you can, give the whole thing a good shake and button or zip up the closure. Give it a fluff, straighten it on the bed and continue with the rest of your bed-making.

This method is usually the one I use when I’m making beds that are smaller than a King sized bed. However, I find it super-awkward with a larger bed, so that’s where this rolling method comes in handy!

The Rolling Method Instructions

AKA: The “Burrito Method” or the “California Roll Method”

Begin by covering your mattress with a fitted sheet, and then a flat sheet or top sheet if desired. To cover a comforter with a duvet cover using this method, place the duvet cover on the bed inside out with the top of the duvet cover at the head of the bed. Leave the duvet cover open at the bottom.

Then, place the comforter or duvet insert on top of the duvet cover with the top of it at the top of the bed. Line up the top corners of the duvet cover with the top corners of the comforter. If you have any corner ties at the top of your duvet cover & comforter, attach them now.

Next, roll both up as one bundle from the top to the bottom. It’s going to look like a soft, fluffy blanket burrito!

Once you’re at the foot of the bed, pull each side of the duvet cover opening up and over the comforter and button or zip it up.

Continue buttoning or zipping up the entire duvet cover over the comforter.

Then, unroll the covered comforter, straighten it out, and you’re all done! The end result should be almost perfect, with the corners and edges lining up nicely.

Now it’s time to add sleeping pillows, accent pillows, and anything else you enjoy to make your bed cozy & welcoming. You can find my favourite bed linens & other cozy bed tips right here.

Video on How to Put a Comforter in a Duvet Cover

Need to see how it’s done? Watch this super-quick video below to see how to cover a duvet the easy way using this duvet rolling hack:

Let me know if you’ve tried this simple trick before or you’re going to give it a shot!


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