How to Decorate with Mirrors

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Mirrors are such a classic decor item. Not only do they reflect light and make a space feel larger, mirrors can also add beauty and style to your home. Here are some of my tips on how to decorate your space with mirrors!

How to Decorate with Mirrors

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Use a Mirror to Reflect Light in a Darker Space

How to Decorate with Mirrors

When you have a room like our North-facing bedroom that doesn’t get much sunlight, using a large mirror in your decor will help bounce more light around your space. I love our Hampton Mirror from The Brick because it’s large and luxurious looking, but its simple mirrored frame matches many styles and blends into our serene bedroom decor. A full-length mirror like this is both functional and beautiful leaning on a bedroom wall.

Use a Mirror to Spruce Up an Entry

How to Decorate with Mirrors

An entryway is the perfect spot for a mirror because its great for last minute makeup checks and it can also set the style tone of your home for your guests. The Oryx Mirror with its thin brass frame is glamourous and modern, which matches the rest of the decor in my work studio. Choose a mirror for your entry that shows some personality, and hang it on the wall alone or over an entry console for some storage.

Use a Mirror to Add Drama

How to Decorate with Mirrors

A more elaborate mirror can add drama and elegance to a space like the Mansard Mirror on my dining room sideboard. The curvy, Venetian styled frame on this mirror elevates this corner of the room and adds some style and sparkle. I also love how it reflects the chandelier over our dining table which bounces light and adds interest to the space. Wouldn’t this mirror also look fabulous over a powder room vanity for some unexpected drama?

Use a Mirror in Place of Art

How to Decorate with Mirrors

When you can’t find the right piece of art for your wall or mantel centerpiece, a mirror is a great option! A mirror with a simple frame will blend into any decor style, and its subtle but elegant. Here’s the Oryx Mirror again in a more traditional space (my parents’ lake house) on the mantel. It’s such a versatile piece! Unlike a bold piece of art, a mirror like this can easily transition from season to season and from room to room. No matter the colours you decorate with, a mirror with a neutral or metallic frame will match your decor.

How to Decorate with Mirrors

The versatility of mirrors is such a great reason to invest in a few for your home decor. I really love how they can instantly make my spaces look more refined and bright, and I can’t wait to keep playing with spots on my walls and furniture to put them!

You can shop The Brick’s online selection of mirrors right here, or I also like to visit their stores in person to see what unique mirrors and wall art I can find there. Decor varies by store, and there are always some beautiful and unique finds!

Now tell me: Where do you like to decorate with mirrors in your home?


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