How to Display Kids’ Artwork – Tip Tuesday

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With school in swing again, I’m bracing myself for the piles of artwork my dear daughters will start bringing home again. As much as I love their art,ย I don’t want it to clutter our home. One of the first things we added to our kitchen when we moved into our home was this simple kids’ art display. I’ll clip up my girls’ favourite art, we’ll enjoy it for a few weeks, and then we’ll take it down and recycle it. If the art is extra meaningful, we’ll store it in a memory box in their room or take a photo of it and archive it digitally.

How to display kids artwork - easy idea!

This system is really easy to set up – all it takes is a curtain rod and some curtain ring clips. You simply mount the rod on your wall, add the clips, and clip your kids’ artwork to the clips when you want to enjoy it.

Watch this super-quick video below for a simple idea to display kids’ artwork:

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