How to Find Your Decor Style (+ More Blogger Q&As!)

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Do you find it difficult to define your personal decorating style? Are you having a hard time nailing down a decor style for your home? Recently, I got together with some of my favourite Western Canadian decor bloggers and we had a great chat about this exact issue! Let me share with you some tips on how to find your decor style plus more great Q&As with my blogging friends.

How to find your decor style

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my blogging friends Kristi of Making it in the Mountains, Lindi of Love Create Celebrate and Colleen of Lemon Thistle the other weekend in Jasper, Alberta. We had an absolute BLAST simply relaxing together (isn’t it the best when you can have fun with kindred spirits?!), but we also filmed a few videos for you that tackled some big issues that we face as DIY & decor bloggers.

How to find your decor style
Kristi, Me, Lindi & Colleen

Watch my video below to see our chat about how to find your decor style:

Watch the YouTube playlist below to see all of our videos, and then read on below to see a summary of my topic: how to find your decor style.

So, what were the biggest takeaways from my chat about finding your decor style?

How to find your decor style
Love Create Celebrate’s Home

You don’t really have to put your style in a box

All of us ladies have styles that are a mix of two or more styles – farmhouse boho, modern Scandi, modern rustic etc. Don’t limit yourself by trying to be only one style – it’s fun to have a mix if you want one!

How to find your decor style
Lemon Thistle’s Home

It’s OK to change your mind

We all agreed that our styles are continually evolving and growing with our personal tastes and our family’s needs… and that’s OK!

How to find your decor style
Making it in the Mountain’s Home

Pinterest is a girl’s best friend

We also all agreed that Pinterest is a fabulous place to get inspiration for your home decor, help nail down what kinds of decor you like, and keep track of things you love.

Make sure to check out everyone’s videos and blog posts today to see more Q&As related to blogging and sharing online!

Kristi of Making it in the Mountains

Lindi of Love Create Celebrate

Colleen of Lemon Thistle

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