How to Make a DIY Magnolia Wreath (Video)

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You might have seen these floating around TV and the internet; they’ve become a farmhouse decor staple. You can use these on a front door, on a headboard, or featured over an old window. What is it? It’s the beautiful magnolia wreath, of course! I wanted to try my hand at making a DIY version of a magnolia wreath, and I was pleasantly surprised with how my attempt worked. This handmade magnolia wreath is beautiful, and it only costs a fraction of the cost of one you’d find in a store or online.

How to make a DIY magnolia wreath

To make this DIY magnolia wreath, you’ll need:

How to make a DIY magnolia wreath

To begin, gather your faux magnolia stems and cut off all of the individual leaves.

How to make a DIY magnolia wreath

Leave a little bit of stem on the bottom of the leaves to help secure them later to the wreath.

How to make a DIY magnolia wreath

Place and then glue your magnolia leaves onto the grapevine wreath with a hot glue gun. I worked in rows of 3 leaves each, overlapping each row by 1 – 2 inches. Sometimes the center leaf was on top of the two side leaves in the row, and sometimes it was on the bottom – this gave my wreath a random but pleasing look.

How to make a DIY magnolia wreath

Tuck the final row of leaves under your first row. Add dots of hot glue under any wayward leaves to keep them in place.

How to make a DIY magnolia wreath

That’s it! Isn’t it simple? I’m loving the look of this beautiful wreath, and you might see it turn up on my master bedroom headboard soon!

Watch the video tutorial on how to make this DIY magnolia wreath:

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  1. Hi Christina,
    Love this as a wreath on its own or base to add seasonal additions to. Can’t wait to try this for our front door! Will be pinning – Thanks!

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