A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Making the Bed + Our New Mattress Set

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If you lived nearby and wanted to come over to our home for a visit, I’d ask you to please give me a 24 hour warning. Why? I’m a terrible housekeeper. I fully admit it. Our house is always in disarray, and I usually only clean it thoroughly when we’re expecting company or when I’m planning a photo shoot for the blog. As much as I love the look of a spotless home, I find that it’s virtually impossible to keep our house clean at all times with three little girls running around and both of us parents managing our own businesses. I think that’s one of the tricks to staying sane when trying to work at home – you have to let some things slide. For me it’s housework, and I’ve come up with a few shortcuts to make our rooms look pretty at a moment’s notice. Here’s one of my favourites: how to make a bed when you’re a “lazy” housekeeper like me. This method is quick, easy, and it looks great every time!

How to Style a King Sized Bed the Easy Way

Let me first share with you our glorious new mattress set.

Sean and I were married in 2006 – ten years ago. It’s truly hard to believe that it’s already been so long. Three kids, and a roller coaster ride of a decade later (mostly uphill climbs, but of course we’ve had our valleys), we were ready for a new mattress for our bed.

We’ve had our old mattress ever since we first got married. After 10 years, this mattress was lumpy and tired. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to invest in a good-quality mattress that’s soft on the joints and promotes a good sleep. Our old mattress just wasn’t cutting it, and I was finding myself waking up really tired and sore (oh, those 3rd baby hips)!

The Brick Simmons Beautyrest Hotel 5 Star Mattress Set

I was so excited to partner up with The Brick this summer to test one of their new mattress sets: the Simmons Beautyrest® Hotel Diamond 5.0 Comfort Top Firm Low-Profile King Mattress Set. When we first unwrapped the mattress, I was surprised with how cushy and plush the pillow top looked and I couldn’t wait to give it a test sleep!

The Brick Simmons Beautyrest Hotel 5 Star Mattress Set Review

Here’s what happened. We set up the low-profile box springs, and put the new mattress on top. The hubby hopped on to give it a test run, and 5 minutes later he was asleep! The comfort foam on top of this mattress is seriously dreamy, and your body feels cradled and supported while you sleep. Obviously Sean loved it.

The Brick Simmons Beautyrest Hotel 5 Star Mattress Set Review

And so did I. I was hooked after night #1, and it didn’t take my body any time to adjust to this new mattress. I found that the Ergo Comfort Layer helped with my sore hips and upper back, and I’m having such great sleeps!

The Brick Simmons Beautyrest Hotel 5 Star Mattress Set Review

This mattress also features:

  • ErgoSupport System Featuring 1,800 Pocket Coils
  • AirCool BeautyEdge® Foam Encasement
  • CrispClean Antimicrobial Fabric Protection
  • Ergo Comfort Layer with Latex and Viscose
  • AirCool Comfort Foam with Gel Layer

You can find this Simmons Beautyrest® Hotel Diamond 5.0 Comfort Top Firm Low-Profile King Mattress Set here at The Brick and it’s currently on sale!

How to Style a King Sized Bed the Easy Way

Now, let me show you how I lazily make our bed.

Ours is a King sized, so I’ll share the adjustments if you have a Queen mattress.

How to Style a King Sized Bed the Easy Way

First, start with a fitted sheet. Next, cover a duvet with a pretty duvet cover using the duvet rolling hack I shared on Tuesday. Then, rest three euro sized pillows in plain covers on the headboard. (Use 2 if you have a Queen bed). Two King sized pillows for sleeping are layered in front of the euro pillows. (Use regular pillows for a Queen bed). Finally, one decorative pillow is placed in the front center. This one’s just for show, so you can have some fun with faux fur or an interesting texture.

How to Style a King Sized Bed the Easy Way

Want a little more volume? You can add a trio of decorative throw pillows in the front like this:

How to Style a King Sized Bed the Easy Way

So, here’s the easy & pretty bed-making “recipe”:

  1. Fitted Sheet
  2. Covered Duvet
  3. 2 or 3 Euro Pillows
  4. 2 Standard Pillows
  5. 1 or 3 Decorative Throw Pillows

Three cheers for the comfiest mattress and an easy way to make the bed!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. I only recommend companies that I use and love myself.


  1. I, too, am the world’s laziest bed maker. Thanks for the easy tips to make it look so nice! When I do clean our bedroom I start with the bed, it makes a huge difference right away and gives me a boost to power through the rest of the room. 🙂

  2. This post has me convinced we too need a new mattress! We’ve only ever had hand-me-down mattresses, which is really kind of sad and the one you have looks superbly comfy. I hear you about the bed-making. I never liked doing it and then the last year or so I started making the effort and it made our room look so nice… but then we had another baby and I decided to let that one fall to the wayside. I totally agree that sometimes you have to let things slide – and this is coming from someone who otherwise is a neat freak! Sigh. Maybe when my kids are grown up my house can be clean again… Great post!

    1. Thanks for reading, Larissa! Yep, I’m SO there. When my kids are older it will be a lot easier to keep the house clean (and they’ll be able to help more with the task, too)!

  3. Hi Christina,
    Loved your blog! How is the bed holding up for you? I am considering buying the same one and the reviews that I do find are insane. And yet I fell in love with it at the store. Its so challenging to find a balanced set of reviews as they change the names of the bed at each dealer. I found your blog by searching endlessly for someone to tell me about this bed. ha ha.

  4. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I very rarely make our bed because really, who has the time when you have 4 kids running around? LOL but it’s great that you shared this! Will definitely try it!

  5. Thanks Christina! Awesome story. I really need to invest also in a good mattress. I have my old mattress for almost 12 years now and it is still in a good condition. But I’m still planning to get a new one. Your tips helped me a lot. Thanks!

  6. Hi Christina, I love your bedroom! The decorative pillow placed in the front center looks great!
    I am planning to purchase a nice painting like yours for my bed room!

  7. Just wondering if the Simmons Beautyrest® Hotel Diamond 5.0 Comfort Top Firm Mattress, Is still doing the job
    I’m concerned with sagging in the center ? As it shown any issues ?

  8. My wife and I decided to buy a really good mattress a couple years ago and it was one of the best things we have done. We both had issues with back pain and sciatica nerve pain on our old furniture store brand “memory foam” mattress. The only memory it had was the three best ways to torture us!

    Anyway, since we got a new mattress it has been amazing sleep for the both of us…now if only we can solve my snoring…

  9. This mattress sounds almost too good to be true. It’s been 8 years since I purchased my last mattress and I know it’s time for a new one. Thanks for the tip I will definitely be doing more research on the Simmons Beautyrest Hotel Diamond mattress.

  10. I love your work, You have mentioned the simplest ways to take care on your mattress. Duvet rolling is one of the best ways to cover your mattress, You can maximize your bed’s life by using these simple and effortless ways.

  11. hahah im the same.. its a drag to make the bed if you’re just gonna sit on it and sleep on it and mess it up again :3 but yes there are times when you just have to make the bed to make it look good, for guests or for pictures etc.. it was an interesting read.. your mattress looks really comfy and nice tho.

  12. Thanks for the review. I am actually looking at the same mattress right now. How has it been holding up for you? I have only found mixed reviews for it.

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