How To Make DIY Christmas Ornaments: Easy And Unique Crafts

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Christmas is my favorite time of year! The holiday season is such a special time to spend with kids, family and friends…and it’s also a great time to create the sweetest DIY ornaments. Let me show you how to make some of my most adorable creations. 

First up – let’s decorate with Christmas Tree ornaments!

DIY Christmas Ornament – Cottagecore Mushrooms

These cute cottagecore mushroom decorations are inexpensive and only require a few simple steps to make! You’ll need some wooden mushrooms from Amazon, some Mod Podge, a small paint brush, a hot glue gun, imitation gold sheets for covering the mushroom caps, string, and any extra little decorations you want, such as faux moss or florals. These little mushrooms look so glam and festive hanging from the tree! Take a look at the full tutorial on the blog.

DIY Floral Hand Painted Ornament

Grab a plain white ball ornament, some acrylic paints, a paint pen, and get ready to get crafty! These homemade Christmas ornaments are actually so easy to make. Mine are feminine, boho-inspired, and floral. But of course, you have full freedom to take these instructions and design your own customized DIY Christmas balls! Watch the video for all the steps.

How to make a DIY hand painted floral Christmas ornament - Anthropologie inspired

DIY Stamp Ornament with Clay 

These DIY Christmas decorations are made with clay and would make the perfect gift or addition to your own tree ornaments. This is such a fun project because the DIY possibilities are endless! Stamp your family name and the year, or use a fun or cheeky Christmas quote instead. Whatever you choose, these ornaments look great and can be created with a super cool texture by using FIMO leather effect clay.

DIY Stamped Christmas Ornament made with Clay

DIY Fabric and Ribbon Wrapped Ornaments

Up-cycle your old ornaments into something beautiful and unique with fabric and ribbon strips! These old ornaments made new are so simple and fun to make and the wrap can be customized to suit any festive theme this Santa season. Find the oh-so-simple instructions here!

Make the gifts under the tree look just as festive with these next DIY ideas!

DIY Macrame Feather Christmas Ornaments

I love macrame, and if you’re planning a boho-inspired theme this Christmas, these Macrame Feather Christmas Ornaments are the perfect gift topper to complement your favorite gift wrap, or even to put on the tree! This is a really easy macrame project that is fabulous for beginners. Find my video guide and everything you need on the blog.

DIY Macrame Feather Christmas Ornament

Mini Christmas Wreath

This mini Christmas wreath DIY project comes with a special twist – it’s made from sheet music! It’s a simple craft that makes a gorgeous item for your Christmas decor. Plus, you can even use it for a unique addition to your gift wrapping. I added dried orange slices, faux cranberries, and faux cedar stems to the centre of my wreath with a hot glue gun. Create the wreath, add the embellishments I used, or let your creativity decide

DIY Christmas Book Page or Map Paper Stars

These oh so pretty eight-pointed paper star ornaments can be made out of old book pages or maps and are so fun to make. The step by step directions to make these beautiful little origami creations are surprisingly relaxing and rewarding. To complete the ornaments, I used twine threaded through the small center hole, and then tied a loop to create a hanger. These star ornaments would be beautiful on a vintage inspired tree or as part of a Christmas garland, or as a pretty little gift topper. 

How to make an 8 pointed paper star from book pages or maps. Makes a beautiful Christmas ornament!

Looking for a DIY ornament project for the rest of your home? Take a look at these ideas!

Christmas Angel Ornaments out of Wired Ribbon 

These DIY Christmas Angel Ornaments are the perfect project to get your littles involved with! All you need for this craft is a roll of wired ribbon, a stapler, yarn or string, bells, a hot glue gun, and beads, glitter, buttons, or gems for embellishment. No needle or thread needed! Simply use scissors to cut your ribbon to size, fold, staple, embellish, and ta-da! Your angel ornaments are complete. 

How to Make A Christmas Angel Ornament out of Wired Ribbon (A Kid's Craft)

DIY Pipe Cleaner and Beads Snowflake Craft

Another fun DIY craft to create with your kids is this DIY pipe cleaner and beads snowflake project. These snowflake ornaments are so straightforward to make but look so sweet! Your kids will love them, and they are such a great craft for them to help with! Get creative with all details.

How to make a snowflake Christmas ornament with pipe cleaners and beads. This is a great kid's craft!

Handmade Snowman Hot Chocolate Jars

These sweet homemade hot chocolate mason jars can double as cute little snowman ornaments leading into the festive day! Whip up these easy hot chocolate snowmen for your neighbours, family, or friends visiting for Christmas. They’re unique and practical – filled with hot chocolate mix, peppermints, and marshmallows that a whole family can enjoy. You could even decorate the lid with a little reindeer if you really wanted to make it fancy!  

DIY Hot Chocolate Snowman Jar Gifts by The DIY Mommy

Did you create one of these fun DIY ornaments this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to see your creations @theDIYMommy on Instagram.

If you’re feeling inspired and looking for more DIY projects for the holiday season and beyond, then follow my blog to stay updated on all my newest creations – that you can make too!

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