How to make Easy Very Berry Pie

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A fresh mixed berry pie is the perfect Spring dessert. Over the years, I’ve learned many tricks to making a delicious pie and today I’m sharing them all with you. Let’s learn how to make berry pie!

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Learn how to make berry pie with a delicious, flaky crust.

Tip 1: Find the perfect recipe

Firstly, I use either family recipes, recipes with a high rating online, or recipes from ingredient packaging/websites that are tested and delicious. For this pie, I’m using Crisco Canada’s Very Berry Pie recipe… and let me tell you: it’s GOOD!

Tip 2: Don’t overhandle the pastry dough

To avoid a chewy, hard crust handle your homemade pastry as little as possible. First, I ensure most of the mixing and handling is done BEFORE I put my wet ingredients into the pastry. After the wet ingredients are added and the pastry is mixed, I carefully squeeze it into balls and refrigerate until I’m ready to use it. In this case, I’m using Crisco’s pastry recipe featured in this Very Berry Pie recipe and I highly recommend it.

Tip 3: Use Crisco All-Vegetable Shortening

I find that the “fat” I choose to use in my pastry makes a huge difference in how my final pie looks, feels and tastes. Crisco All-Vegetable Shortening makes a gorgeously flaky crust every time, and the taste is delicious. It’s also plant-based making it half the fat of butter!

Tip 4: Use frozen berries to make the pie making process easier

One way to make your berry pie-baking process a lot easier is to keep a bag of frozen, chopped berries on hand. I use these exactly the same as I would fresh berries in this particular recipe, and the result is just as delicious! If you only have a whole berry mix on hand, let it thaw half way and then chop any berries as needed.

Tip 5: Have fun with crust designs

You don’t have to create a plain top crust on your berry pie. Experiment with different designs like lattice, fluted edges, rolled flowers or even pie stamps to create a work of art. This is a fun way to involve your kids and have them play with the pastry and experiment with different designs, too!

Bonus Tips:

  • For easier handling, chill your pastry for at least an hour before rolling
  • Pre-heat your oven completely before baking the pie for the best results
  • Add a bit of citrus to your berry filling for an amazing flavour mix (this recipe has lemon zest!)
  • Brush the top of your pie with a beaten egg & a sprinkle of sugar for a beautiful finish
  • Let your pie cool for at least an hour before serving for easier cutting

I hope this helps you bake YOUR perfect berry pie for Spring! If you have any more tips to make the best pie, let me know in the comments below. Enjoy!


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