How to Make Money with your Cricut in 2024

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Want a crafty side hustle so you can sell things from home while having fun doing it? Here are the best handmade items to make money with with your Cricut in 2024!

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I’ve been a work-at-home entrepreneur since my first daughter was born and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Not only do I get to have a creative outlet that I enjoy (currently it’s content creation!), but my schedule is more flexible so I can spend more time with my family. I love working from home and I know a lot of you would enjoy doing it too!

A Cricut is a cutting machine and you can use it to create everything from custom t-shirts to wall art. Don’t have one yet? Read this blog post to learn more about Cricuts! Not only are they fun to use for personal projects like home decor and gifts, but they’re a great tool to help launch your creative business from home.

Want to start to make money with your Cricut? I’ve found the hottest handmade items of 2024 that you can create with the help of your Cricut machine. These are a great place to start if you want to launch a Cricut business! To determine what these products are, I used this fantastic blog post as a resource as well as Pinterest.

Watch this video to learn how to make money with your Cricut:

Best Selling Items to Make Money with Your Cricut in 2024

This list is in order from the most popular to least popular items that have been selling on Etsy (a global online handmade marketplace).

Make sure to read right to the end of this post, because I’m also sharing ways to sell your handmade items online successfully!


Unique, beautiful stickers have been a trending handmade item for a while now, and they’re still as hot as ever! Many people have made stickers from their own artwork, or you can make them by purchasing images from a place like Creative Market. Just make sure you check the usage rights so you know you can make & sell items with the images! You can buy commercial usage images for a little more money, but I think it’s a good investment.

What sticker designs are popular right now?

  • boho inspired images
  • planner stickers
  • kawaii inspired cute animals and food
  • seasonal images
The Cricut Mug Press is here, and you can make professional looking, dishwasher safe mugs with with beautiful designs. Here's how!


Just when I thought everyone had enough mugs already, they’re STILL selling like hotcakes! Mugs with clever sayings or beautifully designed art sell well, and you can make them with your Cricut using Permanent Vinyl or the Cricut Mug Press + Infusible Ink. The latter looks more professional in my opinion, but it’s more of an investment up front. I’ve had good success with making tumblers with Cricut’s Permanent Vinyl too, though! (Related: personalized tumblers are as hot as ever!)

What mug designs are popular right now?

  • floral and heart designs
  • cheeky sayings
  • metallic details
  • 70s inspired designs
DIY Watercolor Mixer Decal with Cricut


Many people are looking for custom decals or labels that they can use for everything from home organization to something they can put on their car. Creating decals and labels is one of my favourite ways to use my Cricut machine, so it’s fantastic that this is still one of the most popular products to sell.

What types of decals are popular right now?

  • giant graphic wall decals like arches, circles and sillhouettes
  • floral or graphic decals for tumblers
  • monogram decals
  • organization labels for the kitchen
Learn how to make a wood sign with Cricut, stencil vinyl, paint and distressing techniques

Wall Decor

Lettered wall decals used to be extremely popular. Remember “Live, Laugh, Love”? Today’s wall decals more design-focused in nature. We’re seeing lots of large shapes, solid colours, and then some more subtle designs. These larger decals are best to make with one of the newer machines – the Cricut Explore 3 or the Cricut Maker 3 – so you can use the Smart Vinyl in longer lengths. You can also make stencils with your Cricut and create wooden wall signs, though I can see those slowly declining in popularity.

What type of wall decor is popular right now?

  • large colour blocked shapes like arches and circles
  • smaller scale floral or botanical decals
  • wood framed botanical art
  • boho inspired shapes like moons, suns & rainbows
Make a DIY Let's Stay Home Tshirt with iron-on scraps and a Cricut


A classic product to make with your Cricut is a t-shirt, and you can have so much fun coming up with unique designs! Custom t-shirts seem to sell well (think a matching family t-shirt set for the Holidays or a vacation), and so do t-shirts with quirky sayings. I like making t-shirts with Cricut’s Infusible Ink for a more high-end look, but you can also make beautiful tees with Iron-On Vinyl and a good press.

What t-shirt designs are popular right now?

  • botanical prints
  • boho inspired
  • cheeky or inspirational sayings
  • location inspired
How to make money with your Cricut

How to Sell your Etsy Creations Successfully Online

Researching and then creating your handmade items is just the beginning of your business journey. As someone who’s successfully sold hundreds of handmade items online, here are my best tips for selling on Etsy or your own site:

  1. Establish your branding. I’m a huge branding and marketing nerd. I love to see small businesses establish a distinct logo, colour scheme and tone of voice even before they sell anything! This helps you look more professional, and it will make your brand memorable.
  2. Style and take high-quality photos. You might need to hire this out if you don’t have the styling or editing skills… yet.
  3. Be active on social media. I’ve seen many small businesses have a viral Instagram Reel or TikTok video that’s launched their business. Share some behind-the-scenes videos, or hop in on the latest trends in a way that highlights your products.
  4. Be unique. Yes, there are lots of people selling products made with their Cricuts. How can you make yours stand out? Do you have a certain style that’s unique? Do you have an amazing story that you can share? How can you make your shop and yourself stand out from the rest?
Learn how to make stickers with Cricut (or without!) and get free floral encouragement stickers to print and cut at home.

So there you have it – the most popular items you can create with your Cricut to start making money at home! I hope you found this list helpful and inspiring.

Let me know down in the comments which item you want to make first!

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How to make money with your Cricut

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