How to Make Realistic Fabric Peonies with Stems (Video)

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I’m a flower-a-holic. I totally admit it. And when Spring is coming soon, I go into full fledged flower mode and want to add flowers to absolutely everything – flower pillows, flower arrangements, flower art… it’s a disease. Last year, one of my favourite projects was making this video for the DIY fabric flowers we made for my sister’s wedding. This year, I thought I’d revamp that tutorial a little and share with you how to make these fabric flowers look even more realistic, more like peonies, and how to add on some stems.

How to make realistic looking fabric peonies - great video tutorial!

How to make realistic looking fabric peonies - great video tutorial!

I had an “a-HA!” moment the other day as I was thinking how to make these fabric flowers look more like round, fluffy peonies. What’s round? A BALL. A ball is round. That’s when I thought to start these flowers with a styrofoam ball in their center for a better peony look. The other bonus of starting these with a styrofoam ball is that the ball is a great place to stick a faux stem into for stemmed flowers.

How to make realistic looking fabric peonies - great video tutorial!

I’m really pleased with how these DIY fabric flowers turned out, and I’m very excited to share this new video tutorial on them with you today. These are great to use as Spring home decor, or they’re also beautiful for a wedding bouquet.

You can see how we made fabric flowers into my sister’s wedding bouquet by clicking right here.

Vintage Floral Spring Sitting Living Room

I simply arranged mine in a glass vase with some fake leaves on my sitting room coffee table and I think they look lovely!

Want to learn how to make these realistic fabric peonies? Here’s my new video tutorial:

Click here to download the free printable flower petal pattern.


How to make realistic fabric peonies - Video Tutorial!


  1. These are so amazing! I can’t wait to try – thanks for the tutorial! Where is the link for the printable templates?

  2. These are just so gorgeous! I love them every time I see them, but I somehow still haven’t gotten around to making any. . . soon!

      1. Not practical? Psshhhh. . . Decorating one’s home for spring is an absolute necessity in our country of winter!

  3. Hi Christina! Love these! Tried making them myself but didn’t like the shade of pink mine turned out. Can you share where you found the fabric you used? I am a begginer at this obviously…?

  4. Hi Christina! New subscriber here…Sharon from Hollow Hill Farm. I know this is an old post but I LOVE the fact that you are able to turn this old house into your studio! WOW…super lucky

    1. Unfortunately, in order to achieve the “curling” effect, you need to use a polyester fabric.

  5. Hi! Love, Love these Peonies!!!! I was wondering if perhaps you have a tutorial that can be printed. I’m 79 years young and just can’t keep up with your beautiful video.

    Thanks so much!

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