How to Sew a Really Easy Throw Pillow Cover (Video)

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When I want to make a really fast, inexpensive accessory for my living room, I make a pillow cover just like this. It’s really easy to sew (and there’s even a no-sew option!) and such a quick way to add something new to my decor.

How to make the easiest pillow cover - no zippers, no buttons, super fast!

There’s no zipper or buttons for this pillow making method, so it’s a great beginner sewing project. Don’t have a sewing machine? No worries! You could use a good fabric glue (like this one) for the initial part and then hand stitch the final opening shut.

How to make the easiest pillow cover - no zippers, no buttons, super fast!

Because the cover isn’t easily removable after you’ve shown it shut onto the form, you can wash the form right along with the cover – simply check the washing instructions on your pillow form.

When you want to change your pillow cover, you can undo the hand stitching of the opening, and redo it next year! My mom has done this seasonally for as long as I can remember. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the video tutorial. Happy pillow making!

Special thanks to for providing me with this lovely fabric for this project.

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  1. I am so glad I found you (can’t remember how) but I have “signed up” and can’t wait to be able to check back from to time to get ideas. Having our kitchen re-done so I am going to look for something new on your blog. Thanks for your help. (I used to live in Edmonton.)

  2. That does look really easy, especially compared to how my schools sewing class taught us. We made pillow cases and they made it seem so complicated. Next time I have a sewing project, I should try out your method.

  3. Just came across this post. I used this exact fabric for pillows in the church mom’s room a few months ago. I love it for pillows! It feels cozy and modern. Nice job!

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