How to Sew an Easy Fabric Purse + Tips on Teaching Kids to Sew (Video)

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This past week was Spring Break in our area, so the girls and I had to find lots of creative ways to keep ourselves occupied. When Little C asked me if we could pull out her little pink sewing machine and give it a whirl again, of course I agreed! We made the sweetest little fabric purse – she did most of the sewing – and I wanted to share the tutorial of how to make it with you today. This video will help you learn how to sew an adorable, easy fabric purse with a jeweled flower embellishment.ย I’m also sharing my tips on how to teach kids to sew!

How to sew an easy fabric purse + tips on teaching kids to sew! (video)

How to sew an easy fabric purse + tips on teaching kids to sew! (video)

Little C joins me in this video tutorial as we share how we made this sweet & easy pink fabric purse. It fits her little wallet perfectly, and she helped me sew it. I think teaching kids to sew is such a wonderful thing – it’s a skill they’ll use their whole life! In this video, I’m sharing my tricks that makes teaching children to sew a whole lot easier. This fabric purse is also a great beginner sewing project for an adult too!

How to sew an easy fabric purse + tips on teaching kids to sew! (video)

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  1. I made this purse for my daughter. It was awesome. I’m new to sewing though and was wondering what you call the fabric that you used. It looks kind of dimply instead of completely flat.

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