How to Style a Coffee Table – Tip Tuesday

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Do you ever wonder what to put on your coffee table to make it look styled but still functional? Let me share with you an easy formula for coffee table styling that I think works every time! This combo of items always looks great, and there are so many ways you could arrange these to suit your own personal style.

Easy formula on how to style a pretty coffee table

The items you’ll need to style your coffee table are:

  • a tray
  • a stack of books
  • a vase of flowers or greenery (real or faux)
  • an interesting object (something that could spark a conversation that is personal)
  • a candle

Easy formula on how to style a pretty coffee table

Arrange your items in a way that you love and you’ll have a beautiful and practical display on your coffee table! Here’s one option, above, and I’m sharing a few more arrangement options in the video below:

I hope that gave you some ideas for your own coffee table styling, and stay tuned to my YouTube channel and The Brick’s Facebook page every Tuesday for more simple home decor & DIY tips.

Easy formula on how to style a pretty coffee table



    1. It totally depends on your two year old, but I just try to choose things that aren’t too valuable or special to me just in case! My two year old is OK with what we have on our coffee table here. I use a lot of faux plants and flowers, and that helps too! She likes to pick at real flowers. 😉

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