From handmade baby clothing to locally-produced food, boasts a long list of small Canadian companies with high-quality products and family values – like you would find at your local farmer’s market! We were so excited when Melanie, mom to Ruby and owner of the site, contacted us – what an inspirational DIY Mommy with a wonderful business that not only shows what a great DIY Mommy she is, but how many other amazing DIY Mommies and families there are across Canada! Melanie was kind enough to share with us a little bit about her business, and some tips on how to be your own successful DIY Mommy:

Melanie Breitkreutz

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Where do you live?
Kelowna, BC, Canada

How many children do you have and what are their ages?
1 little girl, Ruby. She is 21 months old. She is adorable, and fills each day with a lot of laughs. The challenge of being a working mom has been incredible, but totally rewarding and life changing for the better.

What kinds of things do you create/sell?

Prior to running Farmers Market Online, I sold freshly roasted coffee beans online. I sold that business in December, and currently do not sell any other products. I come from a very creative background and always have loved handmade, creating, and crafting. I think my first time selling something was when I was 8 for a fundraiser. I’ve been hooked ever since!

What inspires you?
People doing what they love. Life’s too short to not be passionate.

What makes your creations/products unique?

Farmers Market Online is web based market space where we connect online shoppers with great farmers market products from right across Canada. In itself it has proven to be a very unique service that Canadians are really excited about. FMO will always remain one of a kind because of its collection of handmade, farm-grown, artisan, organic, and specialty food products from British Colombia to PEI and because of the variety of small business owners that are in our community. Every day as new products come on to the online market FMO continues to re-shape and take on yet another fresh form. I love the excitement of an ever-evolving and growing line of great Canadian products. Shoppers- be excited!

If you had one piece of advice for other DIY mommies trying to market their creations/business online, what would it be?

Bring your creation to FMO! Lol… I say that partially as a joke, but of course we’d love to have you. On a more serious note I’d say my best piece of advice would be to market your product. Get the word out there! No matter how great your product is, if people don’t know you exist, then you don’t have a business. In a world with so much product at everyone’s fingers, it’s so important to stand apart and be seen.

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