Kids Bathroom Organization Ideas + Free Printable Bathroom Art

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Do you have a bathroom dedicated to your kids that’s in need of some unique storage solutions and some cheerful artwork? I did, too! Let me show you how I organized our girls’ shared bathroom, plus I’m sharing some free artwork that you can download to make you bathroom brighter.

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

We’re still very happy with this upstairs bathroom that we finished a few years ago for the kids, but recently it’s become really disorganized. Like most kids, mine are rather messy and need a bit of help keeping things tidy. The sink area and the under-sink cabinets got cluttered and dirty very quickly:

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

Yikes! I needed a few kids bathroom organization solutions to help me and the girls keep this space nice and tidy.

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

The solutions? I added a rail to the bottom of the mirror frame. On the rail, I’ve hung some buckets that contain the kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste, their Kandoo Flushable Wipes, and their hair supplies like brushes and ponytail holders.

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

I like this system because it keeps things off the counter, and the buckets don’t travel around the surface of the counter like our old mason jar system seemed to do.

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

The solution for the under-counter cupboard mess was to purchase an inexpensive plastic tower of drawers and a couple of fabric bins. The fabric bins hold some cleaning supplies, face cloths and hand towels.

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

I carefully labeled the plastic drawers using my vinyl cutting machine so that each group of items has its own spot.

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

Even my 3 year old knows where to find her favourite Kandoo Flushable Wipes! We love these because they help the kids clean up to 30% better and they’re flushable and biodegradable.

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

We keep a container of them on top of the toilet in this bathroom as well as our powder room downstairs. (Us adults might like them too… we’ll never tell!) The wipes pop up with the push of a button which makes them perfect for little hands.

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

On the other side of the bathroom, we still have a hook wall for towels with some custom artwork above it.

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

This cheerful artwork is cute and also practical for a kids’ bathroom! Click on the following links to download your own free printable bathroom artwork (for personal use only): Wash Your Hands Brush Your Teeth Flush the Toilet

Take a video tour of our kids’ bathroom:

Now tell me: What are YOUR favourite bathroom organization tricks?

Do you have a toilet training toddler? Make sure to check out Kandoo’s Potty Training Toolkit by clicking here. We loved this resource when Little B was training!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Kandoo. As always, all of the opinions here are my own.

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  1. This looks like an easy and creative way to make it easy for the kiddos to keep everything in a place that they will remember

  2. Love it! Where did the buckets and hooks that fold everything come from? It looks like the are all a part of some hanging system

  3. YES! I was literally just thinking earlier about how I wanted to scour Pinterest for bathroom organization ideas! Especially my bathroom counter clutter! Your bathroom looks gorgeous, by the way!

  4. I wish to be a mom like you. I also love to organised my kid’s bathroom as well as you. But I am not DIY type and always love to buy gadgets for my lovely lil daughter. She also used to maintain a organised life. I am so much happy but she asked me to have some art work into her bathroom. I must going to download your art work, really thankful for those links. Keep sharing like this….

  5. Hi Christina and Lindsay,
    I like the buckets and the custom artwork! ? The drawers with labels are great and effective, too! I do use labeling a lot.


  6. Kid’s bathroom can go from slick as-a-stick to a total disaster in a while than it takes to fold a pile of towels, as we all know. Doesn’t matter you have one kid or an entire brood sharing a bathroom, some creative organizing and design tips can save you time with regards to tidying up that immeasurably essential room. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips. Keep up the good work!!

  7. Incredible!!!! This looks as an easy and innovative way to allow it to be easy for the actual kiddos to maintain everything within a place that they can remember. Awesome suggestions, really like them all.

  8. The redo looks lovely! However, I feel I must add that the “flushable and biodegradable” wipes aren’t really that. My husband is a wastewater engineer, and flushable wipes are the bane of his existence. He says they don’t really break down and then they clog the filters at the water treatment plant. So for the sake of my husband’s sanity (and by extension, mine, haha), please consider going back to regular toilet paper. 🙂

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