Learn how to make an adorable unicorn poop plush toy and come see our new The DIY Kids YouTube channel. This is a great kids’ craft that helps them learn how to sew by hand!

DIY Unicorn Poop Pillow Plush Video Tutorial

This might seem like a suprisingly random project here on my blog (“floral craft, decorating idea, building project… poop pillow?!?”), but I promise you it’s here for an exciting reason:

My daughters and I are starting a new YouTube channel!!

It’s called The DIY Kids, and on it we’re going to share kid-related crafts and activities. There’s going to be simple sewing ideas, drawing ideas, slime recipes, snack recipes, easy crafts and more! My first channel – The DIY Mommy – has grown into a community of die-hard home DIY and decor lovers, so I thought it would be best to start an entirely new channel for our kid activities and crafts. Plus, my daughters have been wanting to have their own YouTube channel for a couple of years now, and I thought making it a family project would be a fun and safe way to let them do it.

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Our very first DIY on the channel is this adorable unicorn poop pillow / plush toy. I have no idea why, but my kids are infatuated with poop emoji things AND unicorns, so this is the perfect craft that combines it all! This is a great project if you want to help your child learn to sew by hand.

Watch our video below to learn how to sew this unicorn poop plushie: