Laundry Room Makeover Ideas: Easy & Affordable

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Laundry rooms often get overlooked when we are decorating our homes. The truth is, paying a little attention to this essential space will not just increase its storage capability and basic functionality. Doing so can also add beauty to an area where you might spend a lot of your day, whether you like it or not! In this roundup, I’ve included both simple DIYs and full scale laundry room makeover ideas.  I hope you find some laundry room makeover inspiration that you can use in your own home!

Easy laundry room organization and safety ideas

Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

If you’re in the mood for a complete overhaul, check out these laundry room makeovers!

Modern Industrial Small Laundry Room Makeover

When my sister purchased her downtown Edmonton loft condo, we knew that the tiny laundry room desperately needed a makeover! It’s more like a closet than a room, really, and it has a very awkward shape. Some simple wall storage, DIY art, and a brand new Samsung laundry pair that makes my sister’s life a whole lot easier and stacks nicely in the weird corner were all that was needed to give this room new life! On the wall to the left of the laundry set we hung some large format DIY art, a metal shelf, and a DIY laundry bag that I made from a plain white hanging hamper and a simple homemade decal.

Check out the full post for tips and tricks for making a small space work for you. And for even more ideas on how to have a cute and coordinated, tiny but functional laundry space, see if any of my other laundry room organization ideas might work for your space too.

Modern Industrial Small Laundry Room Makeover

Classic Cottage Laundry Room

I’m so excited to share my parents’ adorable cottage style laundry room with you! They worked so hard finishing it off all by themselves, and the space turned out beautifully. 

This is the mood board for Mom’s Lake House laundry room when they were just getting started. They did a great job of staying true to the original vision, and I’m so in love with how it turned out!  Mom and Dad made a DIY hutch to store linens using pre-made cabinets, crown moulding, and some project board they found at the local hardware store. Handmade wooden shelves add character to the inexpensive off-white cabinetry. The appliances are nestled under a gorgeous stained wooden countertop that is the perfect place to fold laundry and store accessories. And of course, every laundry room needs baskets to hide things in! The faux marble floor tiles are bright and neutral, and echo the marble accents in Mom’s Lake House kitchen. Come take a tour and see all the DIY touches in this classic cottage style laundry room!

Farmhouse lake cottage laundry room design in white, green, natural wood tones

A Vintage Inspired Red & Aqua Laundry Room

This small but mighty vintage inspired red and aqua laundry room makeover didn’t cost us much at all. Inspiration struck when I found a giant pegboard, and then I purchased a few pegboard accessories online. The rest of the transformation happened because of a lot of elbow grease and a tonne of DIY. 

This laundry room makeover came about because although the laundry room functioned just fine, it was plain and bare. Plus, I really needed more storage and a better place to fold our clothes. 

The pegboard is the real star of this show! I had originally planned for it to measure 6 x 6 feet, but since it comes in 8 foot long sheets, hubby convinced me to make it 8 feet high instead. I’m really glad I listened, because I’m using the entire pegboard and I don’t have to worry about reaching the high spots. I hung art up there, my mop, broom, and ironing board.  It works great!

DIY aqua & red vintage inspired small laundry room design idea with a giant pegboard

Pegboard storage

Now let’s talk about pegboard storage. I found pegboard baskets on Amazon, they’re great for holding my iron and some pretty decor. I also made a small shelf  by cutting and staining a 1″ x 4″ piece of pine, and some inexpensive metal buckets hang below. I’m using all of the buckets and baskets to collect loose change and hold laundry supplies.

I made the pegboard space pretty too! I found vintage artwork online, framed it, and the frames hang from our pegboard with pegboard hooks. Underneath the artwork is an old drying rack that I stained ebony to give it new life here.  It’s attached to the pegboard with hooks, and pulls out from the wall so that I can use it while it’s still hanging up there! I also hung an antique washboard I found at our local antique store on the wall by the window.

DIY aqua & red vintage inspired small laundry room design idea with a giant pegboard

The cafe curtains are a DIY. They were so easy to make! I’m just thrilled with how much some DIY and a small budget accomplished in our laundry room! I hope you are able to take home some tips and ideas for your own laundry room or utility space that won’t cost much but will make your home  more functional.

Laundry Room DIY & Decor Ideas on a Budget!

Sometimes, all it takes is a small change to make a big impact.  If you are in the mood for new art or a DIY project to tweak your laundry room vibe, see if any of these ideas inspire you!

Download this vintage industrial inspired laundry room sign for free, and get it printed in a large format for only a few dollars! I designed the sign in Photoshop, and then printed it for only $3 CDN! How? I sent it to my local Staples and had it printed in black & white as an “Engineering Print”, which is a 24″ x 36″ grayscale print on plain paper. This is a great hack if you want some oversized black & white art on a budget. You’re welcome!

Vintage Industrial Laundry Room Sign - Free, Large Format Printable

This is a really fun one, you guys! With a limited budget for our laundry room finishing, we had to come up with a creative solution for the countertop that would go over our washer and dryer. I knew I wanted something solid over the machines that I could fold clothes or store laundry baskets on, but it had to be something inexpensive…or free. I had decided on staining some plywood and cutting it to fit over our machines until one night a better idea hit me. What’s flat, 30″ deep, and free? AN OOPSIE DOOR. I had just thought of another use for the little stack of doors we have in storage that were wrongly ordered when we built Our DIY House! Why not?! Come see how we made a countertop out of a door, complete with step by step instructions!

How to make a laundry room counter top from a door; such a unique countertop idea!

Getting Organized

Of course, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many pretty DIYs or clever storage solutions we come up with for our laundry room areas if they don’t stay safe and organized! Once you have achieved the look you want, remember to strive for safety and avoid laundry clutter too.  Here are my 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Laundry Room Safe and Organized:

Farmhouse lake cottage laundry room design in white, green, natural wood tones

I hope that you’ve found something here to inspire you to create a beautiful, functional laundry space that you will enjoy spending time in.  Tag me @TheDIYMommy on instagram to show me your own laundry room makeovers!

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