Did you ever have a special doll when you were little? A doll that went with you everywhere and was your friend through thick and thin? Little C’s Maplelea Doll named “Cady” is that special doll for her. Today, Little C and I want to share Cady the Maplelea Doll with you and give you a video peek into a normal afternoon at our Alberta, Canada prairie home. 

Little C and Her Maplelea Girls Doll

Little C’s Maplelea doll came into her life this September and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Little C chose a doll that looked just like her, and they love to do almost everything together.

Come along with us on our adventures together at our Canadian prairie home:

Maplelea Girls Doll

Maplelea dolls were developed by a Canadian mom (hooray!) and they’re the high quality, Canadian alternative to many of the ‘diva-type’ dolls in the market that encourage healthy and imaginative play. We have a Maplelea Friend that looks just like Little C. Each doll comes with an adorable outfit, but there are also tons of other outfits and accessories you can buy online for your doll. Little C picked out a fashionable Parisian outfit (she LOVES learning about Paris!) and a little furry kitty with a carrier to go with her doll, Cady.

Little C and Her Maplelea Girls Doll

Little C loves to play outside with her Maplelea doll, and she tucks her into bed every night – it’s the cutest! I love how her imagination soars as she plays with her doll.

Cady doll also came with an interesting journal which you might have seen in our video. Through the journal, kids learn not only about their Maplelea Girl but also about Canada’s geography and heritage in a really cute and fun way! In the second half of the journal, there are questions and prompts for Little C to tell her own story.

Little C and Her Maplelea Girls Doll

We’re looking forward to spending our first Christmas with Cady doll this year, and she just might get some new handmade clothes and some clothes & accessories from the Maplelea shop! If you’re looking for a really special gift for a really special child in your life, a Maplelea doll would be a wonderful choice. We are so happy with ours, and I can only imagine the adventures Little C will have with her for years to come!

Little C and Her Maplelea Girls Doll

Tell me: Did you or do your kids have a special doll that they want to take everywhere?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Maplelea. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. I only recommend companies that I use and love myself.