Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas 2022

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Need some living room decorating ideas for Christmas? I’ve got you covered! Come see how I decorated our living room for the Holiday season this year, and get budget-friendly inspiration for your own living room Christmas decor.

Living room Christmas decor ideas

I’m a huge fan of Christmas, and this year is no exception. My daughters and I are so excited to decorate our home for the Holidays… especially since it’s now snowing, dark, and SO cold here!

Watch my YouTube video to see how we decorated our living room for Christmas this year:

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Classic & cozy Christmas decor scheme in red, green & gold

For this year’s living room Christmas decor, my daughter wanted to incorporate some classic red accents. I decided to create a mood board for our Holiday decorating scheme that includes the classic color scheme of red, green and gold. We also want to use lots of greenery, plaid and cozy textiles. It’s a traditional, sentimental look that reminds me of Christmases past.

Living room Christmas decor ideas

Where to find affordable Christmas decor

I’m using a lot of items I already have on hand for this year’s Christmas living room, but I did grab a few new things. My favourite places to find affordable Christmas decor are IKEA, dollar stores, Amazon, HomeSense and Simons.

It’s also a great idea to DIY some accessories for the Holidays to save money. This faux plaster vase was a simple DIY project, and you can find the tutorial to make it right here.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

For this year’s Christmas tree, I added the eucalyptus & sparkly picks that I usually do. This makes your tree look fuller, and adds depth to the tree. Then, we hung some red, green and gold ornaments on the tree to coordinate with our classic Christmas colour scheme. I also hung these vintage looking gold bells in the tree, and tied some red velvet ribbon around some of the branches. The look is simple, but I think it’s so beautiful!

Some star-shaped Christmas ornaments from the dollar store, plus a few more ornaments that we had from years past adds interest to our tree. We’re going to use red & natural coloured wrapping paper for our gifts this year. I think that will further add to this sentimental look!

For all of my tree decorating tips and how to decorate a Christmas tree from start to finish, click right here!

Classic Christmas mantel decorating idea

A full and gorgeous greenery garland always looks fantastic on a mantel. I used my Costco faux garland again this year. Rather than drape it on the mantel symmetrically, I went for an asymmetrical look. Our stockings & a small Christmas wreath are on one side to balance it out. Gold candlesticks, simple white candles, an ornate brass mirror and more red velvet ribbon completes this cozy fireplace look.

Faux pine, faux cedar or faux spruce garlands are my favourite, or even a mix of all three!

Decorating a chandelier for Christmas

This year, I thought it would be fun to wrap a greenery garland around the chandelier in our living room. The garland I’ve used is from Michaels a few years ago. It’s on the thinner side with pinecones and sparkles. It’s perfect for a chandelier! You could also hang ornaments from chandeliers, or even hang live branches… the options are endless.

DIY Christmas Bells Wall Art

DIY Christmas Bells Wall Art

To add some interest over our living room sideboard, I created some simple Christmas bell wall art. This is one of my favourite living room Christmas decor ideas of all time! Use an IKEA HULTARP rail and these oversized brass look bells from Amazon to create this piece.

Favourite cozy Christmas textiles

Adding warm blankets, patterned pillows and beautiful stockings to my living room is one of my favourite ways to give it a cozy vibe. I found a beautiful plaid pillow from Simons this year, and some other gorgeous blankets and pillow covers from IKEA.

Our living room looks so classic & cozy for this Christmas season. I can’t wait to spend time here with my family this year! Stay tuned for more Holiday decor ideas for more rooms in our home, like our dining room, kitchen and entry.

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  1. Your living room looks fantastic. So cozy and welcoming. I love how you softened the texture of the greenery and mixed fabrics. The Christmas bell hack is genius. I have been eyeing the look for a while but couldn’t get over the price. Amazing job, as always Christina!

  2. Your Christmas decor is gorgeous Christina! I love your tree and everything little touch makes this space so cozy:) hugs, Tanya @tweleOeight

  3. Your living room Christmas decor for 2022 looks absolutely stunning! The classic red, green, and gold color scheme, along with the cozy textiles and abundant greenery, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for the holiday season. I can imagine how much joy and excitement your daughters must have felt while decorating, especially with the snowfall outside adding to the festive charm.

    As we’re now in the month of October 2023, it won’t be long before we’re all eagerly looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. Your timeless and sentimental Christmas decor will undoubtedly continue to bring that magical spirit to your home, creating beautiful memories for your family to cherish. Here’s to another year of festive traditions and heartwarming moments in your lovingly decorated living room!

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