Magnolia Table Lemon Pie

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If you love a rich and creamy lemon pie with an impressive whipped topping, you’ll go crazy for the Magnolia Table lemon pie recipe from Joanna Gaines! (Don’t love rich pies? Well, here’s our honest review of this one!)

Magnolia Table Lemon Pie Recipe review

I’m a huge fan of lemon-flavoured-anything. How about you? This lemon pie recipe from none other than Joanna Gaines not only tastes delicious, but it looks gorgeous too. I made it last year and forgot to post about it here on my blog, but today’s the day I get to share it with you!

This post is part of a Magnolia Table recipe challenge that I’m taking part in with some other fabulous creators. After you read my post, make sure to check out the bottom of this entry to see what my friends made from Joanna Gaines’ cookbook: Magnolia Table. If you’ve never heard of the cookbook, it’s chock full of comfort food recipes from desserts to main dishes to snacks and you can buy it from Amazon right here.

I’ve made a few of the recipes in the book, and among my favourites are the banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. Today, I’m talking about the lemon pie!

Get Joanna’s Lemon Pie Recipe right here!

(That’s the same lemon pie recipe featured in the book Magnolia Table.)

Magnolia Table Lemon Pie Recipe review

My kids’s and my honest review? It’s beautiful and delicious at first bite, but none of us could get through a whole piece. It. Is. So. RICH.

If you like a whole lot of cream mixed with a whole lot of sugar,ย  you’ll love this pie. But if you’re more like me and my family and prefer your lemon pie to be more tart, you might want to pass on this one. I’d love to try this again with more lemon juice and see if we like it better, but for now I’ll ogle at the pretty photos of our sweet, sweet pie and my adorable kids!

Magnolia Table Lemon Pie Recipe review

Now, come see what my blogging friends made from the Magnolia Table cookbook:

Ashley from Modern Glam made some beautiful banana muffins inspired by the Magnolia Table banana bread recipe.

Rhonda from Hallstrom Home made this tasty and healthy looking Magnolia Table pizza! YUM!

Don’t these fresh orange scones look beautiful and delicious? You can find them right here from Happy Happy Nester.

I want to eat these grilled havarti, tomato and basil sandwiches from Your Marketing BFF right now!

And finally, look at this beautiful lemon lavender cake from My 100 Year Old Home. It’s perfect for Spring!

Happy cooking and baking, Joanna Gaines style!


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