Make a Bird Feeder From A Tin Can (On The News!)

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This Saturday June 8th, I’ll be joining Modern Mama here in Edmonton at a fun Father’s Day Event. It’s a “Dad & Me Playdate and Photoshoot” at Cafe O’Play where guests can have their photos taken, create 3D imprints as keepsakes, and do a bird feeder craft together! I’ll be there helping make the bird feeders at around noon with my girlies, and I was able to do a quick demo on CTV Edmonton this past Wednesday.

Tin Can Bird Feeder by The DIY Mommy on CTV News

Click here to view the Modern Mama clip on CTV.

If you’re local to the Edmonton area, I’d love for you to join us on Saturday! Encourage your hubbies to bring the kids to this exclusive event for some unique daddy-baby bonding time. To register and for more details, you can click right here.

If you can’t join us, here’s how to make this simple bird feeder from a tin can. It’s a great kid’s craft! Even better? It’s fun for dads & kids to make as a team! This idea is originally from Mom Endeavors.

Tin Can Bird Feeder from The DIY Mommy


  • empty, cleaned soup or paint cans
  • paint (we used acrylic paints, but you could use tempra or finger paints too!)
  • ribbon
  • 1/2″ dowel (optional)
  • glue gun (optional)


DIY Tin Can Bird Feeder from The DIY Mommy

Go to town painting the cans any way you like. Little C had a blast painting hers in a variety colours with acrylics and glitter paint!

DIY Tin Can Bird Feeder from The DIY Mommy

When the paint is dry, you can cut down a 1/2″ dowel to about 4″ and glue it with a glue gun to the inside of the can as shown above. It’s a place for the birdie to sit and gaze at the sunset.

DIY Tin Can Bird Feeder from The DIY Mommy

Cut some ribbon to about 2 feet in length, wrap it around the can, and tie a bow at one end. We tacked the ribbon to the can with our glue gun so that it stayed put (but you could also use regular white glue and let it dry thoroughly).

DIY Tin Can Bird Feeder from The DIY Mommy

Fill the can with a bit of birdseed, and then hang it outside on a branch for the birds to enjoy!

DIY Tin Can Bird Feeder from The DIY Mommy

(P.S. I’m so incredibly happy it’s finally green here. Things were looking sketchy for a while with our snow in May. Happy Spring!)


  1. We made some last summer too and I loved them b/c you can always recycle at the end of the season and make new ones when they wear down. Very cute!

  2. If you want to see more birds at your feeder, stock it only with sunflower seed. A major ingredient of those cheaper mixes is millet, something only the grouse will eat (and they can’t fly up to the feeder!). Most birds will pick out the sunflower seeds and toss the rest on the ground. What a waste of money! Rona sells giant bags of sunflower seed, and birds seem to like black oil and striped equally. =)

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