Make a Family Pasta Bar

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My hubby and kids absolutely love pasta in all forms, and I enjoy making it when we have guests over. It’s a favourite of adults and kids alike, and here’s a fun way to make it an exciting suppertime experience: make a DIY family pasta bar! The concept is simple. Cook a few kinds of pasta to please your small or large crowd, make a couple of different sauces, and prepare some fun toppings that your family and friends can choose from to create their very own unique dish.

Family Supper Idea: A DIY Pasta Bar

My kids had a blast when I served our pasta supper like this the other day – they felt so special and grown up when they could choose their own fixings. I simply fried up a lot of the toppings while the pasta was cooking, and I used pre-made sauces to cut down even further on the food prep time. It made for a fun and yummy night!

Family Supper Idea: A DIY Pasta Bar

You can use whatever types of pastas and toppings you and your guests would enjoy, but here’s what I used for our special DIY pasta bar:

Family Supper Idea: A DIY Pasta Bar

I cooked some Barilla Plus Penne and Spaghetti (they deliver 27% more protein than Barilla’s traditional semolina pasta), plus some Barilla Gluten Free Rotini (a great option for gluten intolerant guests).

Family Supper Idea: A DIY Pasta Bar

Then, I baked some chicken breast & bacon in the oven and chopped it up. I sauteed mushrooms, ham, spinach and ground beef separately and chopped/cubed them. Finally, I warmed up a pre-made marinara sauce and an alfredo sauce and chopped up some fresh tomatoes.

Family Supper Idea: A DIY Pasta Bar

I put everything in pretty bowls and completed the spread with a little dish of parmesan cheese.

Family Supper Idea: A DIY Pasta Bar

The girls loved to choose their own ingredients and try different toppings to see what they liked the best. (Cheese and ham generally get the best reviews!)

Family Supper Idea: A DIY Pasta Bar

My favourite combo is penne, alfredo sauce, spinach, chicken breast and mushrooms. YUM!

Family Supper Idea: A DIY Pasta Bar

Try a DIY pasta bar like this at your next family gathering and I bet you’ll be hooked! It’s just such a unique and lovely-looking way to serve a dish that everyone will love. What would YOU add to your pasta bar?   

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Happy supper time!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Barilla® Canada. As always, all of the opinions shared here are my own.


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