by Christina Dennis

Receiving blankets are a neccessary item to have on hand when there’s a baby in the house. They’re a multi-use tool: a drool-wiper, a swaddler, a stroller warmer, an extra crib sheet, a nursing cover…

Here’s an easy blanket to sew using only one metre of flannel and a couple of packages of coordinating bias tape. This is an extra-large blankie for extra-large cuddles!


  • 1 meter or yard of flannel
  • 2 packages of extra-wide bias tape


  • It’s a good idea to pre-wash your flannel in order to pre-shrink it.
  • Cut the flannel fabric into a 1 meter or 1 yard square
  • Using a mug or class placed on the corners of the fabric, trace around one side to round the corners. Cut the rounded corners out.
  • This is the trick for bias tape: pin, pin, pin! Place the bias tape over the edges of the fabric piece with the slightly wider side on the bottom. Pin often; at least every 3 inches. For some, using white craft glue (you can wash it out later) or hand-basting works well too.
  • When you reach the end of one piece of bias tape, leave at least a 3 inch long tail, then start a new piece of tape (leaving a 3″ piece to start that one as well). Place a mark on each piece where they meet. These pieces will be joined later.
  • Sew the tape onto the flannel from the right side – the sewing should be about 1/8″ from the edge of the bias tape that meets the fabric.
  • When you reach a spot where one piece of tape ends and the other begins, stop sewing (about 2″ before the join), unfold both pieces, and cut the ends of each piece at an angle – the middle of the angle being the place you marked earlier (where the pieces should meet). The angles should be opposite each other so that they sew together properly (ie. One angles up and the other angles down).
  • Put the right sides of the bias tape pieces together, unfolded, and sew with a very small seam.
  • Refold the piece and re-place on the fabric. Resume sewing as before to the flannel.
  • Continue sewing around the entire piece of flannel in this fashion, finishing by joining the final ends of bias tape in the aformentioned fashion.
  • All done and ready for baby to test!