If you can paint between two lines and wield a small paint roller, you can make this easy & inexpensive chevron + sticker quote wall art!

All you require is a canvas (any size you prefer), acrylic paints (I picked mine up at our local crafts store for $1 each) a craft paint brush, some letter stickers and a small foam paint roller and you’re ready to make some DIY unique art for your home. This would look adorable in a nursery or even over a mantel!

Chevron & Sticker Quote Art by The DIY Mommy


  • stretched art canvas (any size)
  • acrylic paints (any colours you want to use)
  • various widths of craft paint brushes
  • sticker letters (I found some at my local craft store)
  • small foam roller


Chevron & Sticker Quote Art by The DIY Mommy

Print out this PDF chevron pattern (click here to download it, and then print it). Print as many pages as you need to make a zig zag that’s wide enough to cover the width of your canvas. Cut the chevron pattern out and tape together as needed.

Using the cut-out as a stencil, trace the pattern on your canvas lightly with a pencil. I chose to vary the widths of my zig-zags down the canvas.

Chevron & Sticker Quote Art by The DIY Mommy

Using the acrylic paint, fill in between the lines with alternating colours of paints. You could choose many colours like I’ve done, or keep it simple with 2 or three colours.

I painted over some of my chevrons again with different colours because I didn’t like my first choice. You can keep going for as long as you want to get the desired effect! I chose to make my zig-zags casual looking with lots of obvious paint strokes.

Chevron & Sticker Quote Art by The DIY Mommy

After a day of drying, stick the sticker letters on the art to make any quote or word you wish. I found the center of my canvas and worked outward from there (I found the middle of each word and started at that point so I knew my words would be centered.) Tape a square around the quote with painter’s tape.

Chevron & Sticker Quote Art by The DIY Mommy

Dip the foam roller in acrylic white paint (or I just used white latex paint that I happened to be using on Our DIY House) and roll off most of it on a scrap piece of paper so that you almost have a dry roller. Roll a small amount of paint within the square you’ve taped and over the sticker letters. The dry roller effect lets some of the colour show through and gives the piece a nice “worn” look.

Chevron & Sticker Quote Art by The DIY Mommy

Remove the painter’s tape and carefully remove the stickers, and you’re done an easy & unique piece of art for your home!

I’m still unsure of where I’ll hang this guy, but I think he’d look nice on my mantel or in the kid’s play room.

Have a wonderful week, friends!