I bet you thought I was done with unicorn themed crafts, but… surprise! Valentine’s Day is approaching, and that only inspired my girls and I to make yet another magical unicorn craft. All three of my daughters are obsessed with the mystical creatures, so they were so excited when I asked them to help me come up with a Valentine’s Day gift idea that featured them. Using mostly supplies we had on hand, we created these adorable little unicorn Valentines made out of foam hearts that feature twisty pops as unicorn horns. They’re quick to make, really unique, and a fun craft to do with the kids.

DIY Unicorn Valentines from Foam Hearts

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For these unicorn Valentines, you’ll need:

DIY Unicorn Valentines from Foam Hearts

To make these:

  1. Draw sleepy eyes and nostrils with a permanent marker on a foam heart.
  2. Cut a small slit about 1/2″ from the top center of the heart.
  3. Wrap some of the rainbow yarn around your fingers about 8 times, cut it, and then cut another piece of yarn about 4″ long.
  4. Wrap the 4″ long piece of yarn around the center of the wrapped yarn and then tie it. Cut the looped ends to create a fringe.
  5. Glue the fringe to the top center of the heart, and then slide one twisty pop through the slit in the top of the heart.
  6. Cut ear shapes out of the glittery foam and glue them with a hot glue gun to just above the eyes.
  7. Print out the sheet of tags if desired, cut them, punch a whole in them, and tie one to the bottom of the twisty pop.

Watch the video below to see how I made these DIY unicorn Valentines from foam hearts:

DIY Unicorn Valentines from Foam Hearts

Happy Crafting!