Make Emoji Carved Pumpkins for Halloween

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With Halloween right around the corner, my girls and I got busy this week carving some pumpkins. We like to keep our Halloween decor silly and cute rather than gory and scary, so these emoji pumpkins were perfect and so fun to make!

How to carve emoji pumpkins

To make an emoji carved pumpkin, simply find a graphic of your favourite emoji online. Then, enlarge the graphic to the size you want it to be for your pumpkin and print it.

Cut out the portions of the emoji that you want to create a stencil, and then transfer the design to your pumpkin. Carve the design with a serrated knife, and finish the pumpkin off with a thin coat of petroleum jelly to keep the pumpkin from drying out.

How to carve emoji pumpkins

All of my girls love to take part in our pumpkin carving! Even Baby B has a part – she’s the official goo-scooper.

How to carve emoji pumpkins

My favourite emoji is the heart-eyes one, so I definitely had to make him!

Watch this quick video on how to make an emoji carved pumpkin this Halloween:

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