New Year’s Eve is coming up next week, and here are some fun craft ideas you can do with your kids to prepare to celebrate the arrival of 2014 together – glittery party hats, a mason jar time capsule, and some fun glittered noise makers. All of these projects are simple and inexpensive to make!

Glittery New Year's Kid's Crafts - The DIY Mommy

I had the pleasure of sharing these DIY ideas on CTV Edmonton Morning Live yesterday with my Little C by my side!

New Year's Eve DIY on CTV Edmonton - The DIY Mommy

If you’d like to watch the clip, you can see it here (desktop link).

Glittery Scrapbook Paper Party Hats

Glittery New Year's Party Hats from Scrapbook Paper

To make these fun, glittery New Year’s Eve party hats, simply purchase some glittered scrapbook paper and cut one 12″ x 2″ strip from it. Then, trace another 12″ x 2″ strip out of the paper, but before cutting it add a shape or “2014” to the center top (freehand or using your computer to make a stencil). Use scissors and/or an exacto knife to cut out the second strip, then glue the strips together at the end after measuring your/your child’s head and cutting the strips to fit.

Mason Jar Time Capsule

Glittery Mason Jar Time Capsule - The DIY Mommy

For this project (here’s where I got the general idea), we used a recycled pickle jar and added gold glitter to the lid with Mod Podge.

We filled the jar with a photo from this year, and some objects that reminded us of 2013 (kid’s artwork, Christmas ornaments, a USB flash drive with special art and documents, coins from the year etc.). The jar can be displayed on a shelf like a photo frame all year long!

Glittery Mason Jar Time Capsule - The DIY Mommy

Glitery Recycled Noise Makers

Glittery New Year's Noise Makers - The DIY Mommy

To make these little noise makers (here’s where I got the general idea), you’ll need some empty little raisin boxes, some Mod Podge, glitter and some pasta (or beads, beans, or anything small that makes noise).

Fill the empty boxes with pasta, glue gun them shut, glue them to the top of a popsicle stick, and then cover them with Mod Podge and glitter.

Glittery New Year's Noise Makers - The DIY Mommy

You can embellish these with ribbon, jingle bells, gems, or anything fun to make them special!

Other New Year’s ideas for kids:

  • celebrate the New Year on a different time zone that’s earlier than yours so that your kids are able to stay up for it
  • make “countdown bags” that your child can open every hour up until the New Year that contain crafts, treats or colouring pages
  • talk about special memories from 2013 and what you’re looking forward to in 2014

Happy New Year to you! How are you planning to celebrate this year?