So, I blinked and summer is half gone. In fact, Little C goes back to school THIS MONTH. It’s mind blowing. On August 31st, she’ll be in grade two and Little A will be starting Kindergarten! I’m realizing that I need to start to get to work on preparing them (and me!) for the back-to-school season. I’d really love to come up with some more creative and healthy school lunch ideas, and this little apple cinnamon oat bars recipe from Breakfast for Learning is definitely one I’m adding to my roster!

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Oat Bars

These bars are really easy to make, and they’re incredibly filling. Little C thinks they taste just like her favourite breakfast – apple cinnamon oatmeal.

Another great thing about these apple cinnamon oat bars? You can freeze them for up to 3 months, so they’ll last a long time. They’re going to be great for popping into kids’ school lunches. Simply place them in an air tight container, or wrap them individually with plastic.

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Oat Bars

The ingredients in these are so nutritious, too. Oats, flaxseed, applesauce, apples, and whole wheat flour will help your kid energized and full.

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Oat Bars

This recipe is taken from the Nutrition Corner over at Breakfast for Learning. As Canada’s first and one of the largest charities focusing on nourishing children, Breakfast for Learning has been helping support and sustain school-based breakfast, lunch and snack programs for over 20 years. Operating nationally, Breakfast for Learning funds programs in all 10 provinces and all 3 territories.

Watch the short video below to see how to make these yummy apple cinnamon oat bars that are perfect for school lunches, and stay tuned to my YouTube channel and The Brick’s Facebook page every Tuesday for more simple home decor & DIY tips.

You can find a printable PDF for this recipe here on the Breakfast for Learning site.