Sew Soft Baby Blocks

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Soft-Blocks-6Good, old-fashioned blocks are a great toy for Baby. They’re wonderful to grab with little fingers, and to practice passing from hand to hand. Here’s a simple pattern for soft blocks made out of fabric, ribbon and polyester fiberfill. Hang them, stack them, toss them — they’ll have many uses!


  • Coordinating fabrics:
    • 1/4 yard Fabric A
    • 1/4 yard Fabric B
    • 1/4 yard Fabric C
  • 5″ grosgrain ribbon
  • polyester fiberfill
  • sewing machine, coordinating thread, handsewing needle


  • Pin & sew 4 pieces together, on left & right sides, alternating Fabric A, B, A, B (if you are using a fabric with a nap or grain, make sure it runs the same way on each piece)
  • Fold the ribbon piece in half, wrong sides together. Pin to the center of one of the edges of a Fabric C piece, facing down, edges together. Baste.
  • Pin this piece, right sides together, to the raw edges of your previously sewn-together side pieces. Match centers between corners. Sew, starting between a set of corners. Stop 1/2″ before corner, lift presser-foot, pivot work 90 degrees, lower presser foot, and continue. Do this for each corner.
  • Using same method as above, pin and sew the final Fabric Piece C to the last side of the cube, leaving a 2″ opening to turn work. Turn work to right side, and use a pencil or knitting needle to push out the corners.
  • Stuff block with polyester fiber fill, making sure to stuff corners well. Do not over-stuff (block will lose it’s shape). Sew opening closed by hand with a needle and thread.


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