Mantel Decorating Ideas – How to Style a Mantel 2 Different Ways

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Over on my YouTube channel, I’ve decided to dedicate every Wednesday for the next little while to sharing some of my favourite, simple decorating tips. Last week I shared my 5 favourite home decor essential items, and today I want to share another home decorating tip with you: how to decorate a fireplace mantel! Adding seasonal decor to a mantel (or a shelf that serves as a mantel) can instantly make your home feel ready for the season.

Mantel Decor Tips

Here are a couple ways that you can style a mantel that are tried and true methods I’ve used for years:

Mantel Decor Tips

1: Simple & Asymmetrical

Regardless of the look you’re going for, it’s always a good idea to start with a focal point – a large object in the center of your mantel. In this case, I’m using a large French Country styled mirror. For this asymmetrical look (each side is not the mirror image of the other), I’m placing a vase with faux pussy willows on one side with a stack of vintage books on the other. This creates a lovely & simple asymmetrical look – you can imagine a diagonal line going from the vase down to the stack of books. A lazy bunch of faux tulips gives this simple look a tiny pop of colour.

Mantel Decor Tips

2: Full & Symmetrical

For this look, we’re also starting with a focal point – this large DIY wooden clock – but we’re creating symmetry on either side of the focal point. You can do this by placing a pair of same objects on either side of the mantel to anchor the design. Here, I’m using white lanterns for Spring. Then, fill in the space between your focal point and two anchors with objects in groupings of three. Three objects always looks pleasing to the eye, and in this case I’m using a mix of turquoise jugs and simple coffee cups filled with faux greenery and flowers to create my groupings.

What do you think? Which look do you prefer?

You can watch my video below to learn more about how to style a mantel:

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  1. Hi Christina,

    I first found you on YouTube. This video was especially fun to watch. I was surprised by how different you were able to make the mantle look. Please keep sharing your home decor and DIY projects with us. I also love your accent.


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