Have you been meal planning with me? How is it going for you?

My body is absolutely craving fresh veggies, fruits and good ol’ fashioned home-cooked meals this week after our nightmare week in the hospital.

(We came home from the hospital last Thursday night. Little C is doing amazingly well. I’m so thankful for all of your prayers and support – thank you! It amazes me how many adults and young children struggle with asthma.)

I can’t wait for a week of normalcy. I’m actually excited to cook some healthy, homemade dinners for me and my family this week!

A reminder of my own “rules” for meal planning:

  • I plan six meals – they can go on any day of the week (whatever we’re feeling like eating that day) and the 7th day is for leftovers or eating out. This helps me go with the flow a little and not feel like I’m failing if we have have to change things due to life.
  • We like to eat meat, whole grains and vegetables at every meal but I can usually convince my husband to have one meat-free meal a week.
  • The meals are as “from scratch” as possible, but they still need to be simple (enter my crock pot and a lot of one-dish meals).

Simple, Real Family Dinners: Shepherd's Pie, Fried Rice, Oven Tacos, Slow Cooker Chicken, Six-Cheese Vegetable Lasagna, Vegetable Pasta Bake

On the menu this week:

  1. Shepherd’s Pie from Comfort of Cooking
  2. Better Than Takeout Chicken Fried Rice from Rachel Schultz
  3. Oven Tacos from Mommy I’m Hungry
  4. Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker from The Little Kitchen
  5. Six Cheese Vegetable Lasagna from The Cozy Apron
  6. Vegetable Loaded Pasta Bake from Better Homes & Gardens

Yes, there’s a lot of chicken and veggies on this week’s menu. That’s how I feel like rolling.

What about you? What’s on your menu this week?