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It’s fun to work a little outside of your comfort zone, isn’t it? It’s a challenge in life in general and in home decor too! One of my latest projects has been helping my husband design a theater room in our basement. It’s always been his dream to have a bit of a “man cave” in our home, and I’m so thrilled (and so is he!) to be able to help make his dream come true this year with help from our friends at The Brick. I want him to be comfortable in this room, and I want it to feel like it’s his own style. He loves and ultra modern look. Originally, he told me he wanted the room to scream Star Trek (oh man, he’s a huge Trekkie), but I was able to convince him that we could make the theater room have the FEEL of space without actually having a massive Enterprise mural on the wall. *wink* Hence, our “Ultra Modern Theater Room” theme.

To give the feel of outer space and the future, we’re going to use a TON of black and charcoal grey in the room. All of the furniture and accessories will be very clean-lined and sleek. No furry pillows or florals here! Accents of deep gold will be pulled from some custom onyx stone artwork my husband is installing, and a fun little nod to fellow Trekkies everywhere will be in a fun space-themed throw pillow or two.

Function is just as important (if not MORE, my hubby keeps reminding me) as style in a theater room, so we’ve chosen some amazing speakers from The Brick for a fantastic surround sound experience in the space. Lots of soft textiles like a shag rug, throw pillows, velvet curtains and a couple of sound panels on the walls will help the sound experience top notch. A beautiful big screen TV will show off space shows and games to perfection! We really like the electronics prices we found at The Brick – they offer great value!

DIY elements in this room will include custom stone panel artwork by my hubby, throw pillows by me, a mini bar, and lots of custom lighting installation.

An Ultra Modern Man Cave / Theatre Room Design Idea. Black sectional, grey shag rug, dark gold accents, chrome accents, and nods to outer space.

  1. Zane 2-Piece Sectional from The Brick
  2. Slate Grey Velvet Pillow from Etsy
  3. Geodesic Pillow from Society6
  4. Gamma Cygni Nebula Pillow from Society6
  5. Windsor Coffee Table from The Brick
  6. Dakota Area Rug from The Brick
  7. Custom Onyx Stone Panel Artwork
  8. Brushed Steel Arc Floor Lamp from The Brick
  9. Klipsch Sub Woofer from The Brick
  10. Grey Cotton Velvet Curtains from Etsy
  11. Klipsch Tower Speakers from The Brick
  12. LG 65″ Ultra HD TV from The Brick

We’re about halfway done the installation for the theatre room, and I can’t wait to share with you the final space! No pun intended.

Here’s what we’re working with; it’s really a blank slate:

Theater-Room-Man-Cave-BEFORE Theater-Room-Man-Cave-BEFORE-2

The walls are a deep charcoal grey, we have laminate slate tile on the floor, and the ceilings are black. The Hubs wired in dimmable lights and sound.

I can’t wait to show you the final look. Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. I only recommend companies that I use and love myself.


  1. Seems like a really fun place for the family to hang out and enjoy a movie together! I love the slate tile of this room too. The lighter tiles look really good with the dark walls, it’s a nice contrast.

  2. Christina,

    I was looking for some home theater decor idea last week. The options you mentioned starting from gadgets to pillow are all really awesome. Seems that the whole setup is really cool to enjoy a weekend evening. I personally use Klipsch woofers and speakers in my surround sound setup and I am quite happy with the performance. The first product you mentioned – “Zane 2-piece Sectional” is it a right choice ? I am asking, because I think a 1 piece long sofa will do more justice as you can place this exactly in the opposite wall of your television screen. What is your thought ?

  3. Just curious to know how much cost is involved for setting up such a modern theater room? I’m on the process to build out one for my family and honestly I just got my amp and center speakers till now. Hope, I’ll get the whole stuff soon. Thanks

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