We’ve spent the last week moving and settling into Our DIY House and I’m feeling a mixture of relief, sheer bliss, and exhaustion.

The big stuff (appliances and beds) were all moved in one day, and the smaller things have been moved little by little throughout the week. We finally finished the kid’s shower yesterday so we could shower for the first time here!

There’s still a lot to do (including unpacking and organizing, which I’m terrible at) but I’m so happy we’re finally IN HERE! It’s incredibly surreal and we still don’t feel like it’s our home. I think that will take time.

We still don’t have our internet hooked up here, so we’re using our smart phones for everything. Hopefully we’ll have it hooked up this week and I can share with you how our almost-done home looks! Meanwhile, here’s a little peek at our kitchen from last week. It’s definitely my favourite room in the house!


If you’ve ever moved to a new home, how long did it take for you to feel like it was “yours”?