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When we lived in our Garage House, my “craft room” was our tiny kitchen table and my “office” was a little 5 foot wide nook by the kids’ bedroom. They were not ideal spaces, but I managed to create a lot of fun things in those teeny tiny spots.

When we were designing our new house, I knew that having an office/craft room on the main floor was really important to me so we designed it into our house plan. This new office is perfect – it’s in a corner between the kitchen and living room and I can open the french doors to it if I want or close them for a completely private space. It’s truly a dream come true to finally have my very own space to create, dream, and even do boring (but necessary) things like paper work in a more organized environment.

Colorful Craft Room Office by The DIY Mommy

The paint colour in my office is a soothing blue-green-grey & the colourful drapes were made by me from one of my most favourite fabrics of all time (the tutorial is here). The red rug is one I chose for the girls’ playroom in the basement (from Ikea), but since finishing that is a long way off at this point, I stole it for my craft room!

Colorful Craft Room Office by The DIY Mommy

The shelf unit and sewing desk is from Ikea and I just LOVE it for storing my fabrics and crafty supplies! I’ve never had a desk dedicated solely to my sewing machines, so it’s a thrill just to be able to leave them set up and ready to go.

Colorful Craft Room Office by The DIY Mommy

I found the wall organizers at Staples – they’re a Martha Stewart line and they were really easy to install. I love that I have my favourite notions right by my machines.

Colorful Craft Room Office by The DIY Mommy

I did dedicate the windowed corner in my room to a little art spot for my girls. The chalkboard easel is from Ikea, and I’d love to sew a little pouf for them to sit on and colour or read for that corner too.

Colorful Craft Room Office by The DIY Mommy

The more boring corner of my office craft room houses all of my paperwork (ew!), and my computer desk (also from Ikea). I really am happy that I can have room for both my computer and my sewing machines in one room. It really, truly makes it my dream space where I can create, write, dream, and enjoy some quiet moments by myself.

There are still a few little details I’d like to work on in this space, but I think it’s perfectly beautiful for now and I can move on to other spaces in the house to (attempt) to get them pretty for Christmas (I’m so excited for our first Christmas in the new house)!

Where do you craft in your house?


  1. Hello!

    I love the drapes in your home office and in your dining room/kitchen. You have a great eye for patterns and color. Can you share the fabric name/brand? (I clicked the link to, but didn’t take me to the fabric.)


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