Today I turn 31 years old and… guess what? I’m ready for it.

I was a little freaked out at the prospect of turning 30, but 31 feels pretty good.

I feel like I’m settling into my role as a real adult and a mother of almost three. I feel like I’m becoming more aware of my imperfectness which helps me to remember how much I need to rely on God and the help of my family and friends. And I like it. I like learning from my failures and being completely OK with it.

Non-Maternity Fall Maternity Uniform - The DIY Mommy

I admit that I’m a little scared about juggling three kids, but I know that a mom’s capacity to love and nurture seems to expand with every little life she births.

I’m completely reliant on the fact that God will give me the patience and the strength I need when I face those inevitable “bad mom” days (or send along someone to relieve us when there’s no patience or strength left).

Non-Maternity Fall Maternity Uniform - The DIY Mommy

Speaking of being pregnant, my pie belly finally looks like a baby belly at 17 weeks and I’m starting to feel the need to wear stretchier, more forgiving clothes. Fall is one of my favourite times of year (for food, fashion, and otherwise), so I indulged in some new non-maternity-that-double-as-maternity clothes.

Non-Maternity Fall Maternity Uniform - The DIY Mommy

Even more than my last two, I’m loving wearing non-maternity clothes this pregnancy. The trick is to find the right ones that can be worn during and afterwards – I’m thrifty like that (and I’m not a huge fan of spending the big bucks on a maternity wardrobe).

Non-Maternity Fall Maternity Uniform - The DIY Mommy  

I’m loving this loose, long Piko top from Kiki La’ Rue – it’s not a maternity shirt, but it’s so incredibly comfortable and fits over my moderately sized bump. It looks really great with a long pendant necklace or a scarf (you can DIY one here)!

The jeans aren’t maternity either, but they’re a size up from what I usually wear, low-rise and super stretchy (from Joe Fresh).

(Excuse the mom-hair in these photos. This is exactly how I’d look on a day out with my girls – no Photoshopping here, folks)

 Non-Maternity Fall Maternity Uniform - The DIY Mommy

And these boots! They’re from one of my absolutely favourite online shops, ModCloth. Aren’t they delicious? You can’t go wrong with a brown riding boot for fall.

Regular clothes that you can wear as maternity clothes - The DIY Mommy

Here are the regular clothes I’m using as maternity wear this pregnancy:

  • Long, drapey tops
  • Low-rise, stretchy jeans
  • Empire waisted dresses
  • Knit dresses
  • Cardigans & all of my favourite accessories!

I still think it’s nice to have a few maternity basics for comfort’s sake:

  • A few maternity tanks
  • Maternity/nursing bras
  • One pair of comfy maternity jeans (the kind with the full belly panel…. ahhhhhh)

What are your favourite maternity wardrobe staples?

Non-Maternity Fall Maternity Uniform - The DIY Mommy

As for 31? BRING IT!