Our (Almost Finished) DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen – Our DIY House #FinishYourKitchen

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We spend a whole lot of time in our kitchen. Not only do we share family meals there, but the girls and I do crafts on the kitchen table, we have chats next to the island, and I day dream while washing pots (after a ceiling-high stack has piled next to the sink, of course). I knew the kitchen in Our DIY House had to be special, and I can say that it really has turned out to be just that.

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

Now, our kitchen isn’t completely done, but I have Finish® to thank for giving me the extra boost to share what we have finished so far – it’s our “almost finished” DIY vintage industrial kitchen, and I’m darned proud of it! With the Finish® BOGO promotion, you can have a chance to win one of ten $10,000 Bosch kitchen makeovers and win a dream kitchen of your own (head down to the bottom of this post for the details).

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

The design of our kitchen was inspired by some two-tone kitchens I had seen on pinterest with black and white mixed cupboards. I’m really happy with the resulting look – it’s a mix of traditional and contemporary, rural and urban. It’s different, and I like different!

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

We used Ikea cabinets (Lidingo in white for our uppers & pantry and Ramsjo in black for our lowers & island). We installed the cabinets ourselves with some help from friends and family. It was pretty straightforward – we followed the directions that came with the cupboards exactly. I assembled the boxes in our shop, we brought them into the house, my hubby hung and installed them, and then we installed the doors and drawers. Luckily, my measurements were correct (they usually aren’t – I’m horrible at math) and everything fit how I planned it to!

We built out our tall cabinet and the cabinet over the fridge about 6 inches so that our deep fridge would look “built in” with no icky grey vinyl sides jutting out.

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

I really like how our glass front cabinets look. I don’t even feel like I have to have perfectly matched and stacked dishware behind them to make them look pretty! I chose to have our corner cabinet reach all the way from the counter to the ceiling with solid doors so that I could use it as an “appliance garage” and bread/cookie storage. I really like how it functions so far.

We had to customize the top 15″ x 15″ cupboard to the right of the stove – we simply cut a 15″ x 30″ cabinet box in half (and Ikea has 15″ x 15″ doors).

Something Ikea has down pat are all of their pull-outs, drawer dividers, and cool organizational doo-dads that make our kitchen function extra well for our busy family.

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

We “hacked” a microwave nook beside our stove by taking out the medium-sized drawer from one of our Ikea drawer units and replacing it with a shelf. We planned this in advance so that Hubby could wire an electrical socket behind this cupboard.

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

I’m still very happy with our stained and sealed butcher block counter topsyou can see my DIY here.

Our pendant lights over the island and our ceiling fan over the table are by Kichler, our sink tap is by Pfister, and the “piece de resistance” (the thing that everyone asks about)…

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

… is our pot filler (the tap above the stove) by Delta. It’s SO awesome! We have it hooked up to our reverse osmosis filtered water and I can fill the pots on my stove so easily (and we use it as drinking water). We were frugal with most things in this kitchen, but we did splurge on this little luxury. It’s one of those things that would be hard to add on afterwards!

I chose a chrome finish for all of our lights, drawer pulls and cupboard knobs to give the kitchen a sort of “vintage industrial” vibe.

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

My parents gave us their old, oak farmhouse table that they made themselves with vintage legs and a plywood top. They also gifted us the vintage chairs. This table is big enough for company (or a huge crafting session) and I love how it’s right next to my craft room/office.

So, what’s left to do to make our unfinished dream kitchen our finished dream kitchen? Here’s my list:

  • save up for and install a herringbone Carrara marble backsplash from counter to ceiling (for now, the paint will do!)
  • install a light above the sink (we already bought a schoolhouse-styled pendant)
  • trim out the microwave cubby with black painted trim
  • buy & install more glass shelves in our glass-front cupboards
  • buy some pretty metal industrial stools (in steel or a bright colour) for our island
  • paint our vintage farmhouse table white and our vintage hoop-backed chairs multiple colours for some added fun

For now, I’m more than content to enjoy every single aspect of our almost-finished kitchen and to share with you an amazing BOGO opportunity from Finish®! Right now, you can purchase any 2 participating products in store, mail in the official refund form and receive a refund for one of the items by mail. When you mail in your rebate form, you can also enter for a chance to win 1 of 10 $10,000 Bosch kitchen makeovers! Click here for all of the details on this fantastic promo.

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

If you haven’t tried the Finish® suite of dishwashing products (Quantum, Powerball and Gelpacs), you should! In the past, I’ve purchased cheaper detergents, but I end up having to put my dishes through two cycles on my dishwasher. What a waste of time and money.

When I tried Finish® Quantum Powerballs, my dishes were sparkly after the first wash (like my beloved turquoise tumblers). Plus, I’m a huge fan of the lemon scent. It’s so yummy and fresh!

Sparkly turquoise glasses and a so-very-close-to-finished dream kitchen? What more could this girl ask for. I’m so thankful for our new home and its dreamy kitchen!

Our DIY Vintage Industrial Kitchen - The DIY Mommy #FinishYourKitchen

So, now the question is: what would your dream kitchen look like?

P.S. My kitchen NEVER looks like this. There are usually pots in the sink, toast crumbs and playschool artwork all over the countertops, and dust on the floor. I’m going to enjoy how clean my kitchen had to get for these photos… for about 30 minutes. 🙂

Disclosure – I am participating in the Ultimate Kitchen Makeover Blogger Campaign on behalf of Finish. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Beautiful! It’s even better in person. =) We also have an IKEA kitchen that we LOVE, and have also still not gotten around to installing a backsplash. . . I can’t even decide what I want! I keep on changing my mind, which is unusual for me.

    1. Thanks, Sara! Haha – it’s really hard to choose a backsplash. And really, I don’t mind not having one. I find a painted wall wipes down just fine. I think your kitchen is great and a perfect style match for your house!

  2. It looks very nice. How do you like that sink? I’ve been considering it for a while but I am unsure about the fact that it sticks out from the cupboard face. Is this a factor? Does it stay white or does it show scratches from pots and pans?

    1. Thanks, Katie! I like the sink a lot so far. I’m not bothered at all by the way the sink juts out, but it’s really large so that took a little time to get used to! It hasn’t scratched yet and I’ve used it for 4 months now. I would recommend it!

  3. A living kitchen is never clean and tidy for more time than 30 minutes !!!!

    I love your kitchen, it’s very clear and you must be very proud to have done it !

  4. Love your kitchen! We are getting ready to do the ramsjo black in our kitchen in a log home. Old kitchen comes out the day after thanksgiving and we are pledging to have it done by December 27! The floors and lighting are all done and we have triple measured! Love how you did the microwave. Can you share what size draw set base you used and how big your micro wave is?

    1. Thanks so much, Marta. We love our Ikea kitchen! I’m sure if you work hard, you could definitely have it done quickly. For our microwave, I bought the 24″ wide drawer base and our microwave measures about 21″ wide.

  5. We are in the midst of gutting our family room, kitchen and eating area. I still have not decided on what lighting fixtures to put over the island area and really love what you installed. Where can I find it so I can go have a look?

  6. Hi. Great kitchen!

    can you tell me which Ikea cabinets (including height) you used for your upper corner cabinet?

  7. Hi, so it has been awhile- how is the kitchen holding up? I am about to build a kitchen and want honest feedback about the Ikea kitchen experience and performance. Would you use ikea all over again?

    1. Hi, Elena! I’m very happy with our kitchen. Everything is holding up well so far – it all still looks and functions like new. My mom also has an Ikea kitchen, and she’s had hers for over 10 years. They have a great warranty policy, so when she had two doors that started cracking, she simply brought them in and Ikea replaced them! I would choose an Ikea kitchen again for the value and quality so far.

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