In less than a month our littlest daughter, Little B, turns three years old. It feels like a new stage of life for me and my little family. I’m slowly tucking all of our baby things away, lingering as I do it with all of the bittersweet feelings welling up in my chest. To celebrate Little B’s birthday, we took our girls to visit the Ice Castles in Edmonton.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably know that Little B is absolutely obsessed with the movie Frozen. She wants to be Elsa when she grows up, and she wants to live in an ice castle.

When I saw that Ice Castles was coming to Edmonton again this year, I knew this would be the perfect place to take Little B with her sisters so that she could experience a real, frozen ice castle first hand.

She marveled at the beautiful, towering ice structures… and so did we. I was in awe of how absolutely gorgeous this display of nature was, and we were so honoured to be able to visit here for a little photo shoot and celebration of Elsa’s – I mean, Little B’s – third birthday.

It was much too cold to follow through with my original vision of Little B prancing around Ice Castles in her Elsa dress, so after a few quick snaps in the dress, we all donned our full winter gear and explored the entire castle area.

I’d definitely recommend taking your family to Ice Castles if you’re near one (you can find all of the info here on the Ice Castles website) and enjoying the great outdoors and this huge work of art.

As for me and my bittersweet insides, I’m still feeling slightly¬†mixed up. I’m excited to be able to do more activities¬†like this with our “grown up” kids, but I still have that little twinge that misses my newborn babies. I feel like Little B turning three is the beginning of a new era and I’m both happy and sad about it. Our little ice princess is turning three and she’s not a baby anymore. Do I miss having babies? Yes. Am I happy we don’t have babies anymore? Yes. I’m both sentimental and relieved, but mostly I’m looking forward to our next set of adventures with our three girls!

Tell me: How did you feel when your last baby turned 3?

Thank you, Ice Castles Edmonton, for hosting our photoshoot!