Our “Rustic Glam Farmhouse” Living Room – Our DIY House

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This reveal should be titled “Our ‘Rustic Glam Farmhouse’ Living Room (With A Little Bit of Boho & Country Thrown In)”. As much as I tried to stay true to my original mood board for our living room design, I couldn’t help but add in touches of whimsy through bright pops of yellow and fun fabrics.

Rustic Glam Farmhouse Living Room - The DIY Mommy

This is the first room in Our DIY House that is fully complete and I’m madly in love with it.

It’s the perfect spot for playing, napping, cuddling and reading.

I don’t find it too stuffy, but it’s not too terribly casual either.

Rustic Glam Farmhouse Living Room - The DIY Mommy

The colours I used are grey, chocolate brown, turquoise, red & yellow, but since I used neutrals on all of my base pieces I can switch up the colours any time I want!

Since we’re on a very tight budget with the decor of our home (like, zero would be optimal), a lot of the things in our living room were things we already had. I only purchased the area rug, a small amount of fabric and a couple of little decorative pieces.

Rustic Glam Farmhouse Living Room - The DIY Mommy

The layout of the room is quite traditional – I really wanted the mantel to be free of clutter, so our TV is on top of a hutch opposite the mantel. Eventually I’d love to have two couches that face each other, but I still enjoy the furniture we have and I think it works in the room for now.

Rustic Glam Farmhouse Living Room - The DIY Mommy

Where did I find everything? Here’s the list:

  1. Vintage club chair found for $5 at a thrift store that my mom reupholstered about 6 years ago
  2. DIY crochet granny square blanket
  3. Ikea kitchen cart that I painted
  4. Debbie Travis lamp from Canadian Tire that I purchased for 50% off about a year ago
  5. 10-year-old metal chair that I reupholstered
  6. Our custom DIY mantel & inexpensive decor (more on that in this post)
  7. Valspar paint in Seashell Grey from Lowes
  8. DIY throw pillow covers
  9. Wooden coffee table with baskets we had in our last home
  10. Leather couch from Ashley Furniture from our last home
  11. Ikea dining side table purchased from the Ikea “as-is” section we had in our last home
  12. Moroccan Trellis area rug in light grey from Rugs USA (bought on sale)
  13. Allen + Roth laminate flooring from Lowes

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with this space and I think it’s the perfect fit for our busy and growing family.

Rustic Glam Farmhouse Living Room - The DIY Mommy

One room down, and there’s about 10 to go before I get too utterly exhausted to do anything more until baby comes!

(Or I may just snuggle with the furry pillows on my soft couch and take a nap. Yes, that also sounds like a good plan.)


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