Painting Our Home: How to Paint a House Quickly & Easily – Our DIY House

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Painting Our Home: How to Paint an Entire House Quickly & Easily - Our DIY House

Guess what?! We are THISCLOSE to having Our DIY House entirely painted! We only have a hallway and one more room to go.

The entire process has taken us about a week. I’d love to say that I completely DIY’d this project, but it’s been more like WTKWMFAHDIT” (Watching the Kids While My Friends and Husband Do It Themselves).

Painting Our Home: How to Paint an Entire House Quickly & Easily - Our DIY House

Honestly, I have felt a little frustrated at times that I can’t get my hands more dirty during this finishing stage of our home, but I know that my baby girls need me right now – especially with all of this change happening. I’m blessed to be surrounded by friends and family that have been helping us finish and paint our home. Thanks to you all!

Painting Our Home: How to Paint an Entire House Quickly & Easily - Our DIY House

The girls and I tour the house on a daily basis (they already love all the space!) and I sneak out to the house most nights to get little things done here and there.

I’ve been very happy with how quickly the painting has gone and I attribute it to a few different factors. Want to know our secrets to painting an entire house quickly and easily?

Painting Our Home: How to Paint an Entire House Quickly & Easily - Our DIY House

Use a good quality primer & spray and back-roll it on.

We used Valspar’s New Construction Drywall Primer  from Lowe’s which has excellent coverage and a smooth finish. My husband owns a paint sprayer, so he applied the primer that way and had someone following behind him, rolling the paint (this is called “back rolling”). Back rolling helps the paint stick to the walls and gives them a smooth finish. Spraying is really fast, but you do end up using more paint and you need to protect surfaces that you don’t want sprayed.

Lowe's Canada Valspar Paint

Painting Our Home: How to Paint and Entire Home Quickly & Easily - Our DIY House

Use a paint + primer product for quick coverage with one coat.

We decided to go with Valspar’s Signature Paint + Primer  from Lowe’s for our coloured paint and I’m really happy with this decision. Not only did the coverage of this stuff amaze me, but the colours I chose are so lovely! We’re only going to need one coat of paint for most places, and only small touch ups are needed in a few spots (it’s a good idea to view painted rooms and many different times of day to catch glimpses of patches that need touch-ups). We chose to simply roll this paint on, and it’s been quick because of its great coverage and the help of many friends! I also find that this paint has little odour, and the smell that it does have dissipates very quickly. Bonus!

Here’s a sneak peek at our paint colours shot in afternoon light. I’m so happy with them and I can’t wait to share with you the finished rooms!

(For more on how we chose these colours and which colours are going where, click here.)

Valspar Seashell Gray - The DIY Mommy

Valspar Seashell Gray & Valspar Distant Valley - Our DIY House

Valspar Rocky Bluffs - Our DIY Mommy

Valspar Mystic Sea - The DIY Mommy

Valspar Sonic Plum - Our DIY House

One of my favourite moments of this build so far was when Little C first walked into her new room after it was painted this very electric purple. She gasped and smiled with amazement and I managed to catch it on camera! So much joy!

Do you have any DIY painting tips? Do you love or hate painting (I mostly love it – the transformation is so rewarding)?

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lowe’s Canada. The views and opinions expressed here are purely my own.)

Our DIY House by The DIY MommyThis post is part of my “Our DIY House” series where I’ll share with you my most exciting DIY ever – building a country house from the foundation up with my talented hubby! We’re crazy, we’re creative, we’re on a limited budget and we’re planning on having it finished in the Spring of 2013.


  1. Hi. I love the distant valley color and I’m currently picking out colors to paint my house. I need to know if you used the distant valley paint as it was or did you add any color to it or saturate it any? I want that color for my living room, dining room, kitchen & hallway and I need to know if you changed the paint in any way. It looks great!

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