Rustic Glam DIY Bathroom Tour

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5 years. That’s how long this master bathroom project took us! Ever since we built our home in 2013, our master bathroom has been near the bottom of our project list. This Spring, we finally gave ourselves a big push to finish it and I’m SO happy with how it’s turned out. Let me give you a tour of our budget friendly rustic glam master bathroom!

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

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“Well, why did this space take you SO LONG to finish?”, you ask.


  1. It’s really only my hubby and me that see it.
  2. A bathroom renovation is a whole lot of work and money.
  3. I was stumped as to what to do with the wall above the tub. I wanted something striking!

Here’s how our master bathroom looked when we moved into our newly built home in 2013:

Ever since then, we’ve been chipping away at it. We did everything ourselves (as we did our whole home) – the tiling, the trimming, the cupboard installation – and we got it to a comfortable working order by the end of 2013 where it stayed functional but not finished until… 2018.

Hubby and I have been chuckling this week at how we kept moving unfinished parts around the bathroom – loose doors and trim, tubes of caulking and hammers – for almost 5 years instead of just finishing the silly space.

Here’s how it looked at the beginning of last week:

We couldn’t afford glass for the shower until now, so I had a tension rod in the shower with an old shower curtain. The tub trim is half done and so is the painting, caulking and baseboards. But I finally came up with a great solution for our feature wall and started painting it a rich, warm black!

Now, here is our completed rustic glam master bathroom:

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

I am blown away by how a whole lot of elbow grease and a few significant details can transform a space like this!

Paint colours: French Roast by Cloverdale and Classic Grey by Benjamin Moore.

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

First off, let’s talk about this black feature wall. I had considered putting wallpaper or shiplap here, but after some thought I decided a painted accent wall with art would be best. There’s a lot of moisture in this bathroom from the shower and tub, so any other treatment might not last.

When I found this stunning hand painted piece of art from The Brick, I knew it was going to be the focal point of our bathroom that would help tie everything together. Tree Watercolour II is hand-painted with acrylic on canvas right here in Canada by Anastasia C. I love it because it’s large painting for a great price, plus it has the rustic look that I wanted to add into this space to contrast with the glam details like the chrome hardware, black cabinetry and crystal chandelier over our tub. I thought a black wall would look stunning behind this lighter artwork, and I’m so happy with my choice!

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

Another rather luxurious addition to this feature wall over the tub is this Samsung Smart TV from The Brick. We actually had this one in Our DIY Camper, and we moved it up here to enjoy in the off-season. This one is a compact 30″ size that we found in-store, but here is a similar 32″ Samsung Smart TV from The Brick. My smart hubby had originally wired an electrical outlet here just in case we ever wanted a TV in this spot. The rustic candle holders and wicker basket are also in-store finds from The Brick and I love how they add texture to this glam space.

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

The tiles we used in our bathroom are really inexpensive ceramic tiles from the home improvement store, but we laid them in a brick pattern to give them an updated look. My ultimate dream would have been to have a marble tiled master bathroom, but I think these tiles are a great alternative at a fraction of the cost.

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

To create the double vanity, we used inexpensive kitchen cabinets in a rich espresso shade, a laminate countertop and bargain drop-in sinks. Even though all the materials were really budget-friendly, I think the colour, chrome hardware and plumbing and framed mirrors still help make this corner look glamorous and pretty!

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

I love how this bathroom is a study in contrasts: black with white, sparkly glam things with earthy rustic things, and masculine with feminine.

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

Some happy house plants and fresh cut flowers help bring some life into this room and a little bit of colour among all the monochrome shades.

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

Our shower is over sized at more than 6 feet wide, and to make it we purchased a custom shower base from the home improvement store and used a mix of large format and mosaic tile. The mosaic is a rustic looking tile that matches the rest of our grey-brown flooring in our home well. Now that we could finally add the glass wall here instead of the curtain rod, this shower has been taken to a whole new level!

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

My husband also added a small strip of LED lights at the top of the shower to make it both literally and figuratively shine. I love that there are things I adore and things that he adores in this room – it’s really a mix of both our styles!

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

It’s such a relief to have this space finally done, and I simply can’t wait to enjoy it.

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

Candles, a hot bath and a bit of Netflix is in order ASAP!

Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour

Tell me: What do you think of our budget-friendly master bathroom that features a lot of contrast?


  1. It looks fantastic! I’ve been waiting 10 years for my own bathroom reno… they really are expensive and a lot of work!

  2. Everything is absolutely fabulous. you and your husband did an excellent job. I have question, leading from the bathroom to the bedroom, what type material in your ceiling?

    1. Hey Ivory, Christina’s ceiling is drywall finished in a flat surface (just like the walls) ??

  3. What a fantastic joy to have the master bath finished, but where is the commode? That kept me wondering as you built the barn door. It is right next to the bed. Necessities can’t always be displaced by scented candles.

    BTW, I am SO installing LED strip lighting in every bathroom, the kitchen (when I get it to that state) and probably under the bed, too. Night light! No more tripping over the cat at 2 am. Other than a GFA outlet, is there anything special about installing it safely near water? Did you use any special equipment or special knowledge to do it right?

    And finally, I wonder why, with that gorgeous home, would you pack up the kiddies and go off in that even-if-it’s-to-die-for gorgeous camper, too?

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by!
      You’re so right lighting makes such a difference in a home. Christina’s husband is an electrician and knows all the how to’s for safe lighting installation. ??

  4. Love that it’s a combination of tour and your husband’s style. You guys did a great job!

    One question though.. you say black {paint} but it looks brown?…

  5. Congratulations Christina!

    You and your hubby did a fantastic job. Ilike how you coordinated the black and white. My favorite part is the shower and the tile on the floor. Enjoy!


  6. Bonjour, Christina……..

    Great article! All the articles you have, we enjoy reading and learning a lot. I can’t wait to dig deep and start watching the sources you’ve given me about Rustic Glam Diy Bathroom Tour. Going to suggest to my friends as well.

  7. Love the colors, the flooring is beautiful. Despite being black, it’s cheerful. I know the feeling of drawn out projects, still waiting on hubby to finish updating my kitchen, it’s been 3 years; though I painted the cabinetry to a two tone (dark brown uppers with base cabinets in a wheat tone, love the drastic change it made), all the kitchen needs are a set of doors made for the pantry, a cabinet for my microwave, and hoping for new flooring.

  8. Your bathroom is perfectly perfect! I love it and I especially love the way you and your husband work so well together to get the job done! Great partnership and a great outcome. So glad I found you
    on line. Love your posts!

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