Salvaged Farm Junk Fall Wreath

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There’s nothing more fun than trying to create something out of what other people would consider junk. Am I right? It’s easy to buy something pretty and new, but it requires a lot more creativity to make something pretty out of something old.

For this year’s Fall wreath, I wanted to make something out of things I already had on hand or things I could salvage from outside. When we visited my aunt and uncle’s farm last weekend, I found just the thing to jump start my project! An old, rusty jump rim was laying beside their field and it looked like the perfect base for a farmhouse wreath. Let me show you how I made this simple, salvaged farm junk wreath and make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see more amazing Fall wreath ideas from some of my blogging friends!

Fall porch in teal, red, burlap

My aunt and uncle have a gorgeous piece of property here on the Alberta prairies. Last weekend, we took a walk through their field to look for old treasures.

Farm-Treasure-Hunt Farm-Treasure-Hunt-2

When I saw this old jump rim hiding by a fence, I instantly thought it would make a fantastic wreath.

A simple Fall wreath for salvaged farm junk

I cleaned it up a little with some steel wool and water.

A simple Fall wreath for salvaged farm junk

Then, I searched around our property and in my craft room for things I could put on it. I found some damaged wheat in a nearby field, some old twigs, and some faux berries and green burlap ribbon in my craft room.

A simple Fall wreath for salvaged farm junk

To make this wreath, I simply cut and glued the materials onto the old rim with a hot glue gun. I usually just cut things and fiddle with their placement before I glue everything on.

A simple Fall wreath for salvaged farm junk

It’s a simple wreath, but I really love it’s minimalistic yet vintage look.

A simple Fall wreath for salvaged farm junk

Plus, it would be really easy to switch up for a Christmas wreath. Just swap the wheat with some evergreen branches and voila!

Fall porch in teal, red, burlap

The wreath inspired me to start making our porch a little cozier for Fall. This is a really old rocking chair that my mom let me keep here that belonged to my great grandpa. I dressed it up with my DIY plaid blanket scarf and a grain sack pillow.

Fall porch in teal, red, burlap

These little wee faux pumpkins say, “Hello, Fall!”

Fall porch in teal, red, burlap

Now have a look at these gorgeous Fall wreath ideas from my blogging friends!

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  1. Christina…I love that you found that old rim and made a wreath out of it. I’m a firm believer in kismet and it was surely kismet that you found it on your ‘rideabout’ the other day.
    And I think the minimalist look of it is just perfect…and it’s a great size too! All around a win!

    Have a fantastic day!

    Hugs, Lynn

  2. I love the story of how you found the ring. That makes it so much more special! Your wreath turned out beautifully! It’s a perfect fall wreath!

  3. Hi Christina,

    I love the way you incorporated the old rim into your beautiful fall wreath. I just learned that wheat is a sign of welcome much like the pineapple. What a great way to welcome your guests into your home. Your entire porch looks delightful for fall!

  4. This is a really cool idea – as upcycling always will be.
    I think it may be interesting for our customers, too. Do you allow me to translate the post into german making it easier to understand for our customers?

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